Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Conversation between Ulli Beier and Soyinka

Has this choice passage, which should serve as a message to anyone primed with evangelist intent:

Soyinka: ...That is why Yoruba religion has never waged a religious war, like the Jihad or the Crusades.
Beier: In fact they never make converts! It is the orisha himself who chooses his devotees ...
Soyinka: The person who needs to convert others is a creature of total insecurity.
Beier: There is this beautiful Yoruba proverb: "The effort one makes of forcing another to be like oneself, makes one an unpleasant person!"

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nigeria, what's new 9:59 pm  

Muslims feel offended by the cartoons, but I feel disgusted at the reaction and ignorance of protests against the cartoons as they continue worldwide.

In Afghanistan at least three demonstrators died as they tried to storm a Norwegian-led NATO base. But not to be outdone, Nigerian politicians in the mainly-Muslim Kano region burn Danish flags. Whao!

Wake up people, feed your poor and help make the world a peaceful place. Birdflu, Wars, tsunamis, earthquakes, famines, droughts and HIV-aids are claiming lives everywhere, go protest about that!

sokari 5:36 pm  

"The person who needs to convert others is a creature of total insecurity"

So true.

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