Thursday, February 02, 2006

Teju Cole

Teju Cole's travelogue is over, and we heave a collective sigh of loss. For a month, hundreds if not thousands poured over every word and parable of his recent trip home to Nigeria. The desire to give contemporary Lagos (and Nigeria) a voice is clearly insatiable. Too many stories remain untold, unrepresented, forgotten. There is a tacit collective recognition that Nigeria is at a turning point in its history right now - perhaps the most crucial point since Independence. There is a need criss-crossing the globe to hear whether the "giant" of Africa is going to wake up and transform the continent, or continue with its befuddled slumber.

Meanwhile, Iran starts to growl. The oil continues to run out (just as Bush concedes addiction). The planet continues to overheat.


uknaija 11:09 am  

Yes, will miss Teju too, but hopefully we haven't heard the last of him. Here's a link to a group which organized an exhibition, Lagos the future city recently

sokari 5:46 pm  

I will miss his writing and his beautiful photos - I hope he decides to put them together and a publish as a book - What a brilliant guy.

Anonymous,  8:38 pm  

Teju, stop by in Brooklyn for Polish cheese blintzes, Ela
You know that I mean it, ha,ha,ha

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