Sunday, February 12, 2006

City People

One of the things those unfortunate not to live in Nigeria miss out on most is the pleasure of regular access to City People. This publication deserves to be studied and scrutinised in forensic detail, for all it reveals about contemporary Nigerian society. Although most people here would be too embarrassed to be seen with a copy under their arm, how many can refuse dipping in in the privacy of their own living room?


mw 2:23 pm  

City People is available in London, Jeremy, if one knows where to go. There are quite a few outlets where the publication lands every week. I do get the occasional copy, then we pack them off with Sisi Oge when she visits. They end up having a second life on her magazine rack!

Chxta 6:36 pm  

Also available in Accra...

Naijadude 8:15 pm  

I was surprised when I saw that picture on your blog. Used to buy city ppl, and those sill gossip mags. Ran up the bill to some ridiculous amount on my mum's account, still I missed it.

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