Friday, February 03, 2006

H2Oh Dear

It had to happen. It's getting hotter and hotter (average temperature must be around 40 degrees right now), we're months into the dry season and finally the borehole for the compound ran dry yesterday. So no running water for now, and the rainy season is at least another month away. With a huge reservoir (Usman Dam) nearby, its a mystery how some parts of Abuja dry up like this. Doubtless, someone chopped some money on a contract so the whole irrigation system doesnt work. We're reduced to buckets being fetched from wherever is the nearest source.

I cool myself by going swimming everyday. The pool I go to is quite long and serious looking, which puts off most paddle-only Nigerians. I power up and down like a madman doing my motorised breaststroke. I love the sensuosity of swimming: being immersed in blue, with tropical rays of light penetrating the water, creating an intense aquamarine play of light on the bottom of the pool: a 4-Dimensional Hockney space.


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