Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The death-knell of GSM...

Was sounded yesterday at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona yesterday. Nokia is the first major mobile phone manufacturer to announce a VOIP model. Whenever you find yourself within a wifi zone, the phone will switch to over-the-internet networking - a sort of Skype-on-the-go. With BT planning to give 7 UK cities complete wifi access, the need for GSM technology will surely wane. The same goes for 3G technology. Quite how the phone companies will make their money from now on is another question. The consumer response must surely be, "Who cares?"

With the news that Google is sponsoring a wireless MAN for Abuja (spotted by Gidi Blog), is it too much to imagine a city full of wifi phone users leapfrogging every other city on the planet?


Anonymous,  3:40 pm  

Check out 'The Cloud' that opeartes in the UK - now that's good coverage and vision. In the UK local boroughs are investigating investment in putting Wi-Fi boxes on lamposts - Islington and Camden are two of the revolutionary boroughs!

nigeria, what's new 12:48 pm  

"Skype-on-the-go" companies will make huge ad revenues as we have never seen before.

Your wife calls to remind you of dinner at friend's tonight, the phone link to 'everythingshop' generates auto flower service on your wife's phone because she's made more buying desicions than you.

Shoe cleaning company will arrive to shine you up just in time for the dinner.

mmmmmmmm. sounds mad but hey, someone has to eat.

Oluniyi David Ajao 9:17 am  

It is way too early to spell the doom of traditional telephony, whether fixed line, GSM, CDMA or any other technology.

Today, you can still not compare the quality of service obtainable on Skype to your good old fixed line network.

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