Thursday, February 23, 2006


Bibi and I both have malaria, apparently. I'm not 100% convinced about the tests we took yesterday, but it feels like malaria - shakiness, head and stomach ache etc. This presents us with a dilemma: we both took a course of artemesin-based tablets last week, so should we take some more? The problem is that despite the good work of Dora at NAFDAC, Nigeria is still awash with fake anti-malaria drugs. My doctor reliably informs me that 80% of Cotecxin (the most effective treatment) in country is fake. Those making the fake drugs (mainly in China) are murderers - the diluted form of artemesin that comes over to Nigeria has begun to innoculate the virus against the drug! This means that artemesin-based drugs are rapidly losing their effectiveness. Many more will die, because of the cold callousness of those involved in the fake drug market.

Meanwhile, we're thinking of going the herbal route.. homemade agbo!


Anonymous,  9:02 pm  

Get well soon and don't joke with it.

Native medicine? Good luck.

Devil's Advocate

nigeria, what's new 9:49 pm  

I think pharma drugs are not the best for you in that environment and my idea is, when in Africa use the local herbal remdies(within resson and quality of source). My last flu jab here did not work either as I had a full blown type last year. Get well soon.u2

Funke,  3:53 am  

Poor you! I nearly died from malaria as a child and have suffered recurring bouts ever since even when out of Nigeria for 10 years! My last bout was in Cotonou four years ago. I was put on a drip of god knows what straight away and it cleared up within a day or two. Don't mess with that, it's serious stuff, especially as you have virtually no resistance. Get well soon.

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