Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Andrew Dosunmu..

Just come across Andrew Dosunmu's excellent portfolio site. He is a leading professional photographer - but seems to be better known in the States, where he is based. Start here.


Waffarian 12:08 pm  

I love Andrew Dosunmu, I am a HUGE fan and when I mean HUGE, I mean HUGE...(I could easily become a groupie)so you are too late with this info, but I am glad you've found it though! enjoy!hehehehehe

Waffarian 12:10 pm  

I love Andrew Dosunmu. I am a huge fan. HUGE.(could easily become a groupie...yeah, thats how HUGE) so you are too late with this info, but I am glad you found it though! Enjoy!

Anonymous,  12:30 pm  

for some this guy's work is new and it is simply gorgeous. Jeremy, please continue to draw these kind of people to our attention.


Naapali 12:35 pm  

Thanks for sharing. Did not know about him before this but I see he has shot Big Boi, Andre 3000 and Mos Def.

Lost at The End 1:15 am  

Simply charming!

Jobs in Nigeria 7:28 am  

Andrew Dosunmu is a great man, Thanks Jeremy for letting us know about this kind of people, they sure do our motherland proud.

Shine Shine 11:18 am  

great stuff. I see a lot of Henri Cartier-Bresson influence in his shots ...

Mr C 12:27 am  

(this is not an advert; I am not getting paid for this, though I hope I will be one day).
Andrew Dosunmu did Tali Kweli's video shot in Nigeria 'Hostile Gospel' that was shot in Lagos.
That was quality. I am a convert. Andrew rules!!

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