Friday, October 17, 2008

Father sues son for idleness..

This story appears in the Vanguard today:

A Bauchi-based businessman, Malam Sama'ila Tahir has dragged his 20-year-old son, Jamilu Sama'ila, before a Bauchi Lower Sharia Court for idleness.

Reports say that Tahir, a trader at the Bauchi Central market, had dragged his son before the court, asking the court to send him to prison for being idle.

Tahir also accused his son of belonging to a gang of criminals.

Tahir told the court that his son had refused to go to school or engage in productive activities in spite of counseling and guidance by his family.

"He is not listening to words and he is bringing shame to my family.

"I am tired of his nefarious deeds. Please, put this boy in prison so that I can be free," Tahir pleaded.

In his submission before the court, Jamilu admitted the charges but sought for leniency.

In a ruling, the Presiding Judge, Malam Tanimu Abubakar, said the court was convinced by the voluntary submission of the charge by the accused and sentenced him to six months imprisonment under section 95 of the Sharia panel code.

The court also ordered the convict to 30 strokes of the cane for being disobedient to his parents, which were immediately administered at the court premises.


Anonymous,  12:04 pm  

the mind boggles at how this clearly underused law could be exploited for the benefit of clearing up the Government and civil service in Nigeria.

Naijanet 4:37 pm  

I live in the US and I hope to see the day when parents will turn their children over t o the law for idleness.
Take Sharia out of this equation, apply to most countries in the world, and the world will be a much better place.

Anonymous,  4:38 pm  

Absurd and Compelling at the same time.

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

the feds need to educate those northerners and fast. force it down their throats. their madness is out of hand

CodLiverOil 1:43 am  

I have a few points to add

1) When growing up in England, people of my parents generation and those who came to visit them from Nigeria. When they heard of cases of delinquency or misbehaviour of children (youths) in society (from the media) at large they would comfort themselves by saying that if such children had been raised "at home", such things would never happen, and reminisce of the days when corporal punishment went unchallenged both at school and at home.
Another myth, that has been disproved. Inter-generational differences are a world wide phenomena, it can't be solely attributed to a "decadent" society. It can happen anywhere, given the right circumstances.

2) It is a sad situation where the parents are unable to reach (communicate) effectively with their children, where they need to turn them over to the authorities, who don't have the interests of the child at heart.

3) What did puzzle me briefly, is that Jamilu was being given grief at home, why didn't he just leave of his own accord? That's what most people in Britain would do? When they've had enough bother, they check out...

babyblues 8:26 pm  

I can't believe people are actually supporting this dude. Hello! Since when did idleness become a crime? What happened to freedom? Ms Naijanet Sharia law is ridiculous!!! Maybe you should send your kids to live in Zamfara state or maiduguri, I would love to see your reaction when they come back maimed or dead because they have been stoned for committing "adultery".

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