Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Transformational leadership course - coming up next week at IITA

Excellent, highly recommended etc. course being organised by Ashoka in Ibadan next week, taking place at the divinely tranquil International Institute for Tropical Agriculture campus. Here is the blurb:

Ashoka Innovators for the Public in Nigeria and Freemind Project UK are facilitating an Everyday leadership Training Workshop at International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA Ibadan between October 13 and 16, 2008.

The FreeMind Project helps people live and love their lives more fully through the development of emotional intelligence skills which have been identified by Bill Drayton founder of Ashoka as crucial for the achievement of Ashoka’s “Everyone A Changemaker” vision.

Ashoka and the Freemind project would like to invite all other citizen sector stakeholders to join them for this cutting edge capacity building workshop.

For more info, contact Lesley Agams: [email protected]
+234 806 925 4232


Red Eyes 1:54 pm  


all these courses sef

seems to me a down right ignorant way to make money...soon there will be a course on the such and such of this and that

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