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Sarah Palin on the great history of America..

If you didn't see some of the excruciating CBS footage, click here. Its hard to see why anyone would vote Republican with the possibility of Palin becoming President - should McCain stumble off this mortal coil. In the face of not being able to reference Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with, she waffles on without making any sense like an automaton, the only thread to her threadbare argument being that decisions should be made at a local level - ie not vested under nationwide federal decision making. See here for Lola Adesioye's account in the Guardian (lots of other good links too).


Jaycee 9:54 am  

Lol...I have to laugh a little at the bluntness of this post. And actually, honest truth.

Red Eyes 11:09 am  

Honest truth? Is there any truth in politics? I'll be slow on the trigger!

Sandrine 3:35 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I watched her debate last night against Joe Bidden.Even though she does stand for about everything I am against,I have to say that she held her own. This was the first time I had heard her and having listened to my coworkers criticizing her, I was expecting a lot worse.She is not a stupid beauty queen like a lot of people portray her.I think that there is no shame in respecting an opponent.I don't believe she is qualified for the job but I am getting tired of the comments against her about her looks or about her family situation.What it comes down to is, is she able to perform the job or not?The rest is irrelevant.
Have a good week end.

Patrice,  3:49 pm  

More of the same from Sarah Palin in the debate last night, but thankfully, for her, the moderator did not press her on any of her vague arguments and non sequiturs. Not a single sentence of substance came out of her mouth, just more of the "folksy" talk and gestures, which included at least two winks and a shout-out to a third grade school class.

Anonymous,  6:40 pm  


Don't mis-underestimate the capacity of the American people to accommodate, nay actively embrace, fluffy, ornery folks.

Palin is just the sort of 'girl next door' a certain type of American citizen warms to.

The beltway and rural US have a deep mistrust of 'big government', 'East Coast Liberals', any generally anyone not engaged in 'huntin', fishin' and the bearing of automatic weapons for sport and personal protection.

Things is different accross the pond. Watch out for Madam Vice-President Palin. Don't be fooled by an iddy-biddy little thang like a de-bate.


Anonymous,  9:21 pm  

That's all good and nice but if you check your history, this is looking all too familiar to the failed Kerry/Edwards campaign. Obviously she's in no way up to snuff and is outclassed by Biden in many ways. However, when you consider the majority of the US population's criteria for voting (snappy and strong sounding as opposed to conscious and articulate), she kicked ass and gave McCain a big boost. Sad. True, The pillars are shaking......

Red Eyes 10:30 am  

Hello @sandrine
"is she able to perform the job or not?The rest is irrelevant."

ah... politics, I don't think its about this or that or such and such

i think politics is about lies and many of we the gullibles you can get on your side!

looking back, and just how many presidents or vice presidents 'had' the experience before settling down into the job?

in a highly revised speech in the uk this week, the conservative David Cameron said that its not about experience but character and judgement.

yet, more lies!

enough said...

i remember the role played by the late Rehnquist in G.W. jnr's assumption to power, when clearly Gore could have been?

for all we know, Mccain might just drop dead at some point and dharrraaammm, it would be a surprise entrance for President Sarah Palin...

the american god knows what strings a former beauty queen may pull and I wonder how many people she controls.

Go Palin...Go baby...Go!

Kody 1:58 pm  

George Dubya is the US President.

Sarah Palin and Grandpa are sadly, a stronger force than many realise. Intelligence or knowledge of key issues clearly does not have as much relevance as one would like.

Anonymous,  6:15 am  

Everyone keeps talking about McCain croaking like they know what tomorrow holds. Given the history of this country we should be concerned about an Obama replacement-BIDEN? Please.(He might even have a hand in the untimely demise of a president Obama). Not voting for democrats and their lies about caring for the guy on "main street" anyway. It's not bad luck that they have not been able to win but 3 of the last 10 presidential elections. They are all liars. (Both sides)

Whole Truths 3:13 pm  

Hi Sandrine! I'm trying desperately to not let any vitriol show in my comments! But it would sure be nice to know these things that Sarah stands for that you disagree with! Remember the party u support is a party that sanctions abortions, Lesbian an Gay marriages, increased taxes and destabilizing the war on Global terrorism!Please i'd like to know this positions you so disagree with dear!

Whole Truths 3:14 pm  

BYE BYE BYE...‘OBA-IDEN’! : With Stilettos and a Smile, Sarah Palin Steals Obama’s moment.
Every time I think maybe I should have become a musician, something happens in the sphere of politics that makes me go…well maybe not! If you have missed the last 12 years of politics in the US, not to worry, these last two years will have made up for what you missed. If you have missed the last two years, well…I have no words for you, except brace yourself for the next 3 months!
We and most of the World are all just mending from the noisome brouhaha that came from the recent DNC jamboree in Denver, Colorado. It was a very well put together seminar, replete with awards and several red carpet moments.
By day 4, Obama and his camp were reeling from the most stirring and important speech he would ever deliver. The grandiose setting for his acceptance speech was rockstar majestic.
From the podium that went into the ground after his speech, to the Greek pantheon-like backdrop he stood in front of, nothing said ‘I am your messiah, vote for me’, like his closing speech did. It was, for all intents and purposes, a fantastic convention, strangely for the Democrats who are adroit at not being organized. The Democratic National Convention was ‘Grandiosity’ personified!
The news cycle was hovering around Obama’s acceptance speech and how the Clintons’ especially Hillary, stole the show at the DNC in Denver, when all of a sudden the rumor that the McCain camp were about to announce their VeeP pick, filtered in.
The usual suspects/options had been narrowed down to former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney and Minnesota Governor, Tim Pawlenty. Two hours to his announcement, we would hear that Mitt and Tim were not in the vicinity of the McCain announcement. The news wire went crazy. Some journalist for Fox News Network sent an e-mail saying she just saw Sarah Palin land at a nearby airport and was promptly whisked away by waiting jeeps. Everybody went crazy! Though she was on the long list, hers wasn’t a name that came up during frequent VeeP selection discussions. Within a couple of hours, a senior McCain aide confirmed that Sarah Palin would be introduced soon as John McCain’s running mate. Everyone went wild. It was shocking and pleasantly surprising; A political masterstroke of the Karl Rove kind.
Her story, like Obama’s, is most remarkable, and represents the best America has to offer. A moose burger loving, M16 holding, game hunting, Christian mother of five, her pick as Veep changed the dynamic of the ensuing news cycle. It totally obliterated the excellent speech Obama had just given. It was a political masterstroke, if I have ever seen one.
For starters, she has the most executive experience of the four candidates. Yes! She is the only one who has managed a budget of any kind. She has experience dealing with Oil majors, taking on members of her party and passing one of the most far reaching finance reform bills. She has consistently reached across party lines to access expertise, suggestions and advice that would be of advance the cause of her government and the Alaskan people. Her 90% approval rating is the highest the country has ever seen for a Governor. And most important to the American people and the Media in these new strange new political climes, her own personal story of how she faced tragedy and adversity and overcame it.
Experience is now off the table in this falls’ campaign. If it comes up, where would you rather have it? Top or bottom? The top of the ticket is imbued with experience. The bottom…, well the bottom is just refreshing! P.s. it also does not hurt that the bottom is a looker!
Nothing will energize the Republican ticket like this pick! They will go crazy! Democrats bring it on!
Sarah has been an advocate for what’s right and just! Women, Republicans, Hillary Democrats and Hillary Republicans (yes they now exist) the World over are all ebullient with the GOP pick. She has commonality and threads that most American Women and Women the World over can relate to and connect with.
She also has been commander-in-chief of the National Guard, even if it was only for her state of 600,000. There’s a story of how when she resumed office she saw the private jets that her Republican predecessor had bought for the office of the Governor. She told an aide ‘take a picture and put that plane for sale on e-bay. We don’t need it!’ The private jet was sold at a profit! Her conservative credentials are all on point. Evangelicals and Social conservatives can all now let McCain be.
The American Presidency is not supposed to be a journey of personal discovery. With Obama and Biden you have people who will talk! With McCain and Palin, you have people who are on the cusp of making history and who will deliver.

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