Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote for "Imagine This"

Sade Adeniran, author of the fabulous Commonwealth Writers Prize-winning book Imagine This has been long listed for the World Book Day campaign, Books to Talk About. Please take ten minutes out of your busy day and click here to vote Imagine This onto the short list of 10.

Click here to read an interview with Sade. Imagine This will be published in Nigeria by Cassava Republic Press in 2009.


R.E.II 11:47 am  

technology is doing great damage to traditional books...but then again nothing as good as paper, the feel and smell of the pages of a good book, when reading ...imagine this

Anonymous,  1:36 pm  

'Fabulous?' You're a good salesman :-) But it is an interesting read.

There was a profile of her in This Day, some months ago.

Lost at The End 5:14 pm  

Think am experiencing a momentary internet brainfreeze because why can't I figure out how to vote? I've registered and all, but just can't find any voting link.

Jez, what to do?

Mike,  11:56 pm  

Are we being asked to vote without having read the book? Hmmm...

lola,  11:23 am  

yes you are being asked to vote without having read the book. This is done all the time and through your voting more people will have the opportunity to read the book. In any case there seems to be only two fiction by AFrican women writer on the list the other is the wonderful Aminatta Forna's Ancestor's Stone. Let's support these writers. I am definitely going to vote for Sade. The fact a self-published book could go on to win the commonwealth award Africa region for new writing is commendable. Many many other people are going to be voting on books that they never read but like the cover or the sound of it.

Mike,  4:43 pm  

@ lola - 'This is done all the time.....Many many other people are going to be voting on books that they never read but like the cover or the sound of it.' but that doesn't make it right. And actually I don't care whether the writers are female, African, gay, white, black, handicapped or whatever - surely the issue is the quality of the book and one would have to read it to assess that - surely? But then at the end of the day it's not about the book its about the business....

Anonymous,  7:40 pm  

Mike if you want to judge the quality b4 you read then get a copy from Amazon, the fact that it won the Commonwealth Writers Prize and has been long listed for World Book Day goes towards saying something about the quality of the book IMHO.

How can our writers be heard and excel if we don't do anything to promote them. We shouldn't be waiting for the western media to sing our praises, we should be shouting them from the rafters ourselves.

I haven't read it yet, but I will be voting.

Mike,  4:38 am  

Anonymous - we have been asked to vote for a book few of the commentators on this post seem to have read and I am apparently being told that its OK to vote for the book even if it's just because I like the cover. Somehow that, to me, demeans the value of the award.

In Sade's own words: 'read it and be the judge.'

Tunde,  1:00 pm  

I hadn't heard about this book, I think what Sade has achieved is inspiring. I've ordered my copy from Amazon and will let you know what I think.

I do think we should support Sade's efforts by voting for her though

Anonymous,  4:15 pm  

I have read Imagine This and will recommend it to everyone. I was given a copy for my birthday and was blown away by the book especially as it is her first. I think the fact that it won a common wealth prize speaks for itself, and deserves promoting by whatever means possible. Please vote for this book and help in promoting African Literature.

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