Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Colin Powell dances the yahooze

At the Dis Day bash at the Albert Hall, here. Anyone found it on YouTube yet? I wonder if he knows the song is a celebration of living large on the back of 419?

Thanks AW for emailing the lyrics:

If I hammer,
1st thing na hummer,
1 million dollars,
Elo lo ma je ti n ba se si Naira.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Boys dey hustle
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Gbogbo aye
Champagne, Hennessy, Moet
For everybody;
Ewo awon omoge, dem dey shake their body;


Everybody, enough effizy
Take am easy
It's all about the Benjamins baby.


yodude,  10:16 am  

saw the story and was gonna send it thru first thing... ya beat me to it.

wordsmith 10:37 am  

yeah I was there... hilarious moment. but he looked happy...

NikkiSab 10:46 am  

am i first?

NikkiSab 10:50 am  

I saw colin P on BBC news website and its on d cover of d papers today n it looked like he was havin maddddd!!!!!

Red Eyes 10:51 am  

Excellent and I love Olu Maintain, his team, tunes/lyrics etc. But Collin Powell is known to speak such nonesense! What does he mean its Africa's turn? Such ignorant words...He's probably still living in the olden ages...

Anonymous,  11:43 am  

Poor guy...

Dade 2:21 pm  

I think its a case of Colin Powell's 'chickens coming home to roost'
His dance yesterday was a peace offering for his comments about us in the 90s.
I've written about it here:

Anonymous,  2:28 pm  

more lyrics with translations:

Awon kan waiye wa sise
Awon kan waiye wa jaiye
Awon kan waiye wa gbowo
Awon kan waiye wa saye
Awon kan waiye wa sayo o

some came into the world to work,
some came into the wold to live large
some came into the world to collect money
some came into the world to enjoy
some came into the world to get drunk

Anonymous,  2:55 pm  

ah real life, so much better than art.... does anyone remember US Presidential hopeful Gary Hart? looked to be the front runner until paps caught his married frolicking ass with his babe on the aptly named boat the "Monkey Business" somewhere on the Potomac..
Would that Colin P were running for US Prez.. it would be sooooo much, nay toooo much fun to see how his peeps would try to spin this. Imagine if the Republicans got their hands on this- a once decorated general of Uncle Sams army and the greatest nation on earth (ahem) boogieying front and center with a band celebrating fraud. Priceless.

(quick, FB izzy I,-check his freezer for cash money)

olamide,  6:13 pm  


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