Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ekotaxis - new service for Lagos

A satellite-monitored meter-based taxi service for Lagos, here (holding page) and here. Not sure when its launching however..


Anonymous,  7:09 pm  

This would be a welcome development. I was saying to my wife this morning that maybe when lagos gets some proper ac taxi's then we can say it's really a developing city.

aluwe & papilolo,  10:36 am  

how does ac taxi equate to development?

Anonymous,  11:01 am  

hmmm... do the meters charge by the mile... or by the minute?

Tolu Ogunlesi 11:26 am  

Sorry to be pessimistic but AC'd taxis do not a developing city make. Heck! First things first - A decent PUBLIC MASS TRANSPORTATION (rail, incl underground), trams (for VI), bus and boat) system is far more important in development terms than elite taxi services that will cost an arm and two legs and add more burden to an already un-manageable traffic problem. Sorry, but there's no good news in this, development-wise. None at all. Just a smart biz idea, that's all!

PS. With the crazy Lagos traffic how do they plan on configuring their taxi metres? Heck again!

Anengiyefa 2:32 pm  

We are getting our priorities wrong once again. The problem with Lagos is congestion on the roads. There is simply more road traffic than the roads are able to handle, hence the unmanageable traffic conditions and the perennial traffic jams. Adding a fleet of expensive taxis to the already choked streets does nothing to alleviate the problem.

What Lagos is begging for are alternative modes of transportation, designed to get as many motor vehicles off the roads as is possible. Lagos, (and Abuja), should be candidates for a clean, fast and efficient intra-city metro/rail system. In addition, we should be exploiting the Lagos lagoon more effectively and thinking about water borne transport. Surely, simple remedies such as these are not beyond our cranial capabilities. That, my friends is the route to real development.

Kody 2:49 pm  

I don't know if I agree with you all. Of course mass transit would be the most welcome development but I think taxis also will be useful in alleviating traffic congestion albeit not to a significant level..

People like myself have never used public transport and are part of the problem because we go anywhere in our cars. If there is a reliable taxi service that is well priced (no-one expects it to be cheap), I would use it.

I think also, if we are to be a city that wants to promote tourism, a reliable, clean and comfortable taxi service is required.

Aronke,  3:03 pm  

Did anybody read the full content? The ekotaxis is just a part of the efforts to improve the transportation system in lagos. The BRT is already running and I know people who swear by it. Same thing goes for the ferries; the light rail is being worked on. Roads are being rebuilt and there are plans to expand the road network. All in good time so let's drop the pessimism. And I don't know about others but AC'd taxis would be heaven sent to me. Each time my car has to report for mechanic duty, i'm stuck because i can't stand the bloody yellow and black taxis and buses aren't an option (perish the thought!). Let's face it, even in the most advanced countries, taxis are usually not for the masses. I say it's about time!

Anonymous,  3:26 pm  

Lagos needs both this type of taxi and also a proper mass transit system.

I made the first comment because when I was stuck in traffic that day I thought it will be a long time before we see anything like AC taxis in Lagos, and hence if it does happen Lagos must be developing!

Go to Accra and you will find decent taxis at the airport with a well presented, uniformed drivers and a system of charges. The Ekotaxis are not that expensive according to the website - N70 a kilometer. Has to be better than the crap that are on the road now.

In my view every development helps. For all the people that would like a comfortable taxi ride without the molue fumes pumping through the window and somebody on okada stealing their handset through the window that it is a positive development.

Red Eyes 4:06 pm  

naija should gets its power right first and we shall see wonders...

Anonymous,  7:00 pm  

AC taxis are as basic as it not to have them signals a lack of development........

maitumbi,  7:34 pm  

Good thinking. At least visitors get to use a decent transport system. But Lagos needs to think of working on the mass transit system. Too many cars on the road now already. Until the new buses travel from Badagry to Epe,24*365, we are not yet talking development.

I have an idea for the tax hungry fashola; how about an eco tax for all cars plying lagos,say 50k per year?

Waffarian 7:35 pm  

Why can't they invest in boats and ferries? Are they blind? Isn't that the most OBVIOUS solution for the congestion problem in Lagos?

Why? My people, why?

I am really surprised that it is taking the Lagos government so long to establish a ferry system. I am left with no choice than to come to the conclusion that the Lagos government must be either incredibly stupid or incredibly useless.

@anonymous 7:09: "ac taxis" hehehehehhehehehe so "ac" na im dey make city develope? heheheheheh abeg, make una no kill me for here.


"Surely, simple remedies such as these are not beyond our cranial capabilities"

Heheheheheheh, I am beginning to doubt if we have any "cranial capabilities" in the first place!

Mr C 8:49 pm  

You know ur naija people and efizzy.Instead of tackling the hard stuff, we focus energies quick fix to show that we are a "developed" set of people.

They would even come up with a cool & sophisticated sounding name; I imagine my friend come to visit me and intending on taking the "wheeler".

Msmak,  2:53 pm  

For all those advocating water transport, i hear that will also take off soon. Supposedly, the govt is dredging a lot of the waterways in preparation for that.

CodLiverOil 3:25 am  

Let us hope that the use of waterways will be adequately funded. There should be at least a statewide water transport safety body, that is fully equipped with enough personnel to be rapidly deployed should the inevitable accidents occur in the water.

There should be standards that check the sea-worthiness of the boats/ferries concerned and that overcrowding should not be tolerated under any circumstances and the provision of sufficient safety equipment like life jackets etc.

Rules should be in place so as to dictate what procedures should be followed in the event of night-time travel, or travel when visibility is poor or what happens when the weather is bad.

This should all be sustained even if higher fees should be levied on the commuters, once you explain the reasons, they will be not so unwilling to cough up the extra dough.

In short regard for human life, professionalism and order is what is needed for this to be successful. The success or otherwise of this scheme will be a direct reflection of the will of the people to make meaningful progress, or whether they just like making noise because it makes them feel good.

By the way, mass transport is the common-sense approach for any large city in the world, that is nothing new.

Dami 5:52 am  

this is a good development, it will help if the state govt introduce a kind strict MOT regime for taxis and molues then increase the yearly tax for commercial vehicles then make insurance compulsory....that way the number of taxis/commercial vehicles wil reduce plus those left out can form co-ops get better cars for their biz

why dont they do this why dont they do say them get money do am...

dapxin 11:35 am  

for a Nigeria lost with a dying president, who most visibly cant think, its refreshing to see an iota of "thinking" coming from lagos state.

At least, we have something to argue about...

Seems the lagosstategov deserves the positive reviews they bin getting ?

Drum Poker 11:02 pm  

Taxis at Abuja Airport and Taxis at Lagos Airport have begun a link up with Taxis Heathrow Airport to offer a "Top Class" taxi service at both ends of your flight between London Heathrow Airport and both Abuja International Airport and Lagos Airport in Nigeria.

Anonymous,  2:48 pm  


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