Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maintain vs Powell round 2

Nice little piece by Olly Owen here.


Anonymous,  6:08 pm  

"Yahoo boys are known to enjoy a joke - a common name used to sign emails is Egobia, which means "money, come" -
....always amusing when y'all outnaija us indegenes..i did NOT know this...
altho i will tell you this, i've been in (a pentecostal) church on a sunday morning when the preacher got us all to chant "Money, come" commandingly and forcefully, three times, with a beckoning gesture and of course, in Jesus name. I kid you not....

Red Eyes 6:27 pm  

he was well aware...

RJ 10:28 pm  

So the man danced to a song, and then wat? Showuld we all now listen to lyrics before moving to a beat? Beacause u dance to the beat of a song DOES NOT IN ANYWAY MEAN YOU ENDORSE WAT THEY SAY IN IT. Y'all get over yourself and move on....always have to make news out of nothing.

Kody 4:30 am  

Ki ni big deal?

Jeremy 8:15 am  

Here it is on YouTube: - thanks Olumide!

Anonymous,  9:54 pm  

er, jeremy i-too-know weate... could you please point out to us non-anglophones wat is nice about this dry sanctimonious piece - apart from the fact that it is not written by a Nigerian journalist?!

Anonymous,  5:54 pm  

The piece might not have been all so necessary.
and the writer might have trouble showing the song actually exalts 419 since it can easily be interpreted as a social commentary.

and as Kodi said- ki ni big deal?

-Yet another anon.

Anonymous,  2:10 am  

All I'll say is he looks really good for 71...

Anonymous,  6:00 am  

It is high time we stopped this bad mouthing. What is wrong in having fun. Does your ex position make you a nerd. I beg leave the man bo and allow Maintain to reign. As for me, the interpretation of the music is not about 419 but his successs in hitting a $1m record deal.
Make una go rest bo

Anonymous,  6:04 am  

Na just bad belle dey worry una. You see nothing good about Niger. Call Niger and bullets will start rolling.... I beg have fun Collin.

rj 10.28pm I respect you.

Toks- Boy 6:59 am  

Jeremy- this is what is know in the trade as a puff piece. Good to fill the papers on a non news day. I support the kini big deal brigade. What was the point of Olly's piece? Powell throwing moves or the lyrics to a pop song.Whole thing smacked of tedium I'm afriad.

Chioma 3:49 pm  

People, abeg if you like the song say you like it, but dont say there's nothing wrong with it. Yes it has a danceable tune, so?
Ok, maybe if i sang a song about hating all muslims and wanting to kill them it would be ok, so long as it has a dancable beat.
As that wise man once said ' You can put lipstick on a pig...'

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