Friday, October 03, 2008

Lemn Sissay poem in South Manchester...


Anonymous,  10:18 am  

lemn sesay is was pissed when he wrote

Red Eyes 3:32 pm  

for this brilliant & charismatic jazzman to have correlated the talk of rain to manchester and triumphant rain to rainbows, I guess he must have been cruising on the A57...or inspired by the rythm of the falling rain

with amazing wildlife trust sites i think Manchester is so groovy in its own special way asides not having a beach.
I lived in didsbury and later on alderley edge from dec '04 to dec '05 whilst with IBM salford quays

i love the mancunians and had a brief affair with someone (although was more from cheshire, the north of the south, than manchester...

oh...and the restaurants are an absolute pleasure to visit

i guess lemn is mancunian...nothing as good as music with a little bit of poetry... great guy

Anonymous,  11:05 am  

Methinks this chappie was high on something...

Eshuneutics 9:51 am  

This is a traditional concrete poem, a syle well known in the UK, following the likes of Edwin Morgan and Hamilton Finlay-- nothing weird about it at all. And the final line, of course, is an obvious pun on the "Mancunian Way", major city centre road and prevalent attitude in life. "High on something" or "pissed"? Look elsewhere.

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