Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Abuja Palmetum

Forwarded invite:

You are all invited to the opening of the Abuja Palmetum.

It is a beautiful 20 hectare park in Maitama with over 300 species of plants and palms.

It will be a private opening for 2 days only so please be there and discover this beautiful oasis for you to enjoy. For all the writers, photographers and poets, its the place to find inspiration (or better yet, peace and quite) for you to work or just relax.

Come along with comfy shoes(better yet ,-trainers) if you will like to hike up hill to enjoy the beautiful views. Snacks,BBQ, Drinks etc will be available at the garden.

Bouncy castles and acres of land for kids to play in and nice romantic spots for the lovers out there....

Pass along the invite to your friends and family in Abuja!

See you then....Remember its for two days only....Saturday 13th december and sunday 14th december 2008.

Direction: Ibrahim Babangida Blvd. Right next to CBN Qtrs near BPE.

For more info:


Anonymous,  4:08 pm  

"Ibrahim Babangida Blvd"

Wasn't he the smiling murderer?

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