Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fuji sallah special - Ayinde Barrister...



Ms. Catwalq 5:05 pm  

Do you believe in reincarnation? Cos u must agree that you are an "Isale Eko" man...

fun won tan...

Onibudo 5:03 am  

Thanks! Needed that today just sitting here in the lonely cold Nevada evening a blast of Bari-wonder brings memories and images of our mutual Ayeye, Ibadan family compound. It is great to see Barrister still rocking but the background and images do a great disservice to his velvet tones.

My favourite Barrister is still Fuji Garbage, must be a classic by now. I am blasting this full and high representing for my Ajiwere roots and for those who know who Dauda Epo Akara was.

Standtall 2:03 pm  

I so love his music till date

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