Sunday, December 07, 2008


I found myself in Ikotun, an unloved and anonymous part of Lagos. Endless people hustling a living on the street. The noise and the dirt all too familiar..


NaijaBabe 8:56 pm  

Ok where in Lag is it? I've heard of it before but never been there?

CodLiverOil 10:10 pm  

I liked the sound bite you included with the clip.

About the endless noise and dirt, long ago I wished that Nigeria could tidy up and be orderly. I realised that Nigeria is Nigeria and not Switzerland, Japan or even Namibia or Zambia. That is what people there are prepared to live with, so one just has to learn to accept it. When someone finally decides that is an unacceptable situation, hygiene will sweep away the filth and dilapidation.

Anonymous,  1:31 am  

so what are you trying to say.
theres place like this all over the world.

Alisa N. 5:36 pm  

This reminds me so much of the market from my 1st visit! Great blog, btw!

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