Sunday, December 07, 2008

This is hilarious

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Mogaji 2:34 am  

Haha. A nigerian professor at my school speaks exactly like this. At least he does not disregard the laws of grammar.

imnakoya 6:34 am  

I'm speechless!

Olu,  10:34 am  

Parliamentary pomposity on Terra firma...

Pls let me know when this guy comes out with an audio book !


Kody 3:59 pm  

Anyone missing a dictionary?

It was him wot swallowed it.

Lost at The End 5:13 pm  

Funny you. I remember him. When I was in Benin, a TV special was done on him a few years back. His wife said that she has had to put up with it. He reads the dictionary every day or some shit like that.

Anonymous,  7:13 pm  

Man! that is funny. I just wonder if this is possible in countries where the primary language is English i.e. US, canada, jamaica?

It is common trait that all politician don't answer questions- but this guy is entertaining while not answering the question.

yodude,  7:36 pm  

Is this real? I mean is this dude really a senator? Sure this isnt some movie/ sketch? Someone please tell me!

PS. Im actually being quite serious

nneoma 4:33 am  

this really made my day....

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