Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Death and the King's Horseman

Now on at the National Theatre, London, here.


Anonymous,  2:47 pm  

I could have sworn it was 'death and the King's HorseMAN'.


Jeremy 3:19 pm  

very funny wiseguy.

I've changed it now so no one will know what you're on about...

The Y River 3:51 pm  

On my part, I could have sworn it was a horse and deaths kingsman. Naijablog has removed the picture of a live horse stunt show - the one with 4 horse men.
Let me get my spectacles

Anonymous,  4:19 pm  

Eerrr Jeremy, you still have "horsemen" instead of "horseMAN" we do know what Anonymous 2.47pm was talking about.

wans,  5:21 pm  

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....finally i get to see a soyinka play...alllllllllllllllaaass
jeremy ur da bomb

The Y River 7:22 pm  

thanks naijablog

Olamide Obalisa 2:08 pm  

YAY!! Thanks for the notice!

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