Sunday, December 07, 2008

Africans Arguing in A London Bus....

If you haven't seen this yet....


Kemikal Reactions 4:15 pm  

Imbeciles, all of them! LOLL!

Akin 4:26 pm  


Why is it Oh so typical and quite so disgraceful?



Anonymous,  5:50 pm  

Quite the entertainment. Imbecile #1

Anonymous,  7:12 pm  

Hahaha. This is hilarious. Lol at "he's a fucking Nigerian, trace him very well' And why is the other guy forming when we can all clearly hear his yoruba accent?

Oh thank you so much Jeremy. I really needed some comic relief. I'm so tired of studying.


Anonymous,  10:01 pm  

The guy with the Yoruba accent is probably living in the UK as a Gambian. But if the story is that the Ghanaian guy hit our broda on the head when passing by, then the Naija guy was not wrong to demand an apology.

I generally think that Ghanaians are bitter towards Nigerians, and the way I see am, na jealosy dey do them!

dapxin 6:38 pm  

I still think this was acted, except that I know it was real.



Anonymous,  9:21 pm  

so funny, but I don't understand why the Nigerian denial? And what is that oyinbo woman doing sitting next to such a dickhead?

Anonymous,  3:47 am  

@ anon 10:01, yeah right. Ghanaians bitter? Why should they? Theirs is a country of proud people, it's peaceful, humans live in dignity, they are democratic, and - yeah - did I mention, stable power?

Compare that with the moribund colonialist carcass that is Nigeria and you'll see how hilarious your statement is. To be sure, Nigeria has a lower standard of living, poverty is more widespread, the gap between rich and poor is wider, social mobility does not exist, etc. When Nigerians visit Ghana - with its constant power, lack of area boys, lack of jungle justice, policemen who actually do their job, etc - they return to Nigeria, waxing lyrical.

Ghanaians envious? My arse.

- A very nigerian person

Kody 9:50 am  

Actually Anon at 3.47 though I am not keen on getting into a Nigeria v Ghana argument, I do have to correct the comment about 'stable power'. Its not entirely true.

Been spending vitually half the week in Accra lately, and there have been several power cuts.

Anonymous,  9:00 pm  

I am Anonymous 10.01 PM. This is a response to Anonymous 3.47 AM.

Lets face it, the truth is that Ghanaians aspire to be like Nigerians, but they never quite make it. And they know it! Hence the bitterness. To the average Ghanaian, calling someone a "fucking Nigerian" is considered to be abusive. The feeling is borne of a deep resentment of our country's comparative wealth. Lets not forget that for many years, Ghana saw us as their rich neighbour and the resentment arising from that persists even today.

Nigerians are benevolent, generous people. If Ghanaians want to learn how we manage to maintain that posture which they seem to evny so much, warming up to us won't do any harm. Ghanaians are hostile towards Nigerians in a way that is not called for and not entirely necessary. The chance to hurl abuse at someone they perceived to be a Nigerian, must have given great pleasure to those Ghanians on the bus.

On the other hand, Nigerians are welcoming to foreigners. A Ghanaian who encounters a group of lively Nigerians suddenly feels liberated. He is often surprised by how welcoming the Nigerians are. The Ghanaians I have met in London seem to be hindered by their feelings of inferiority. My impression is of a slimy, nigardly people, lacking in self confidence. They have a lot to learn from Nigerians

Anonymous,  3:04 am  

Hackney or New Cross?

Anonymous,  8:45 am  

Actually, from what I've heard, Ghana has a higher living standard than the average Nigerian. Nevertheless, because of the large Nigerian population (and oil proceed) Nigeria has a much bigger economy and therefore dominate West Africa both economically and culturally. Most foreigners have way more exposure to Nigerians than any other West African culture. This cultural dominance comes with a little superiority complex.
A perfect analogy can be made with the US and a country like Sweden. Sweden has a higher per capita, higher standard of living (the minorities here in the US bring US numbers down=), free health care etc, yet Americans have a certain sense of superiority which comes from knowing they have the biggest economy (despite the mountainous foreign debt) and have the most exported culture on the planet!
I think other West Africans hate us Nigerians for the same reason most people hate Americans. We think we are all that!!!

Anonymous,  1:54 pm  

@Anonymous 8.45 AM. The whole world cheered the election of the US president elect, but most people dont even know where Sweden is!

Among West Africans, Nigerians are the baddest! We dominate West Africa because we're the coolest, the most sophisticated, , most highly educated, most enterprising, extremely intelligent(loud and noisy perhaps, but thats not necessarily a bad thing). So get used to it!

Its not about feeling superior, its about being confident and standing up to everyone and thumping our noses at them. This is what makes others feel inferior, and you cannot blame us for the way other people feel. We Nigerians are all that. Get over it.

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