Friday, December 19, 2008

What's NEXT?

Its been a helluva week. Finally, the NEXT website is launched. Its far from perfect (I am aware to pixel-level granularity of its bugs/flaws at present), but it beats the pants of any 'competition', and we have yet to really begin.

The print version will launch on January 4th in Nigeria, the UK and the US simultaneously. I can't wait for the launch partee on January 3rd in Lagos. Well, I can wait actually - cos a little trip to the beaches of East Africa is coming up..

Our design guru, Mario Garcia, has a little piece here on the launch of the site, with a glimpse of what the print daily and Sunday papers will look like..

And so to bed.


Giles,  12:42 am  

a section on architecture, design and the city would be nice!!!

Lost at The End 4:41 am  

All I can say is that i am blown a way. I cannot even begin to express my excitement about this project. Great job o. Great job. Una try no be small. This is just the beginning o. there greater things ahead!

Kody 7:15 am  

I wish you, Muktah, Easy and co the very best of luck with the project.I am sure it will be a great success.

Anonymous,  12:47 pm  

Good start on the potty although
I sincerely hope the publisher is not being misled - into believing there will be an end to this project.
Seating on the adult toilet will require continuous improvements.


Adcity 7:12 pm  

well done jeremy.
i was on the site on the 18th after the site went up.
i cant wait for the refreshing and honest news it will provide.
how do i advertise? pls email the advert departments address so i can have my company advertise on your online or maybe the print version.
thanks and congratulations to the team!

fantis muhammed

Loomnie 1:30 pm  

Nice to see it is up. All the best.

Anonymous,  12:45 am  

Commendable initiative and effort. I believe it has potential for being a success commercially.
Design-wise, very clean and robust, but don't see anything out of the ordinary, global-standards wise. Please work on the visuals a little more. Otherwise, well done.

Lost at The End 8:18 am  

Addicted already!!!

Aaron Rowe 5:19 pm  

looks good, content is king and what little is there so far looks far better than any other Naija news site.

Certainly some bugs need to be worked out. Too many pages return an unfriendly CSP Error, and the RSS feed doesn't seem to link to the right pages.

Also a teaser in the RSS feed would be nice!

Kush,  3:37 pm  

I agree with Mr Omezi!

Anonymous,  6:00 pm  

When will we be able to post comments? I'll drink to that day!

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