Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here's to Eduardo

"Eddie B" in New York - Part 2 - Radio City Music Hall.

Eduardo is a Brazilian who lives in Salt Lake City. He's over here in Lagos to help us put the finishing touches to our content management system for NEXT.

When he's not waist-high in code deep-into-the-night, Edourdo likes to become Eddie B and make funny-silly videos..

Great guy. A free-standing human being.


Blue in Green 11:26 am  

Applause. I love this.

Lost at The End 11:24 pm  

Can't wait for NEXT! Already linked to my gmail, reader, everything.

Anonymous,  11:18 am  

Maravilha! What a lovely singing voice. Brazilian living in Utah, working in Lagos and singing about NY - it's become a very small world indeed.

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