Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trick's Music Bar...

I guess in a world full of ambiguity, its nice for a spade to avoid being called a trowel every now and again. The rules for Girls for Trick's Music Bar (Tarzan Jetty, Lagos) leave little to the imagination about what kind of joint it is. Here.


Kody 5:42 pm  

The name of the bar says it all really! Its nice to have clear and precise rules of engagement for ladies who turn tricks.

Aronke,  11:30 pm  

uhm...(whisper).. where is 'there'?

Aaron Rowe 1:39 pm  

Does this mean, "Girls" do their market research online now?

It's nice to know if one is hassled there you can easily get them bounced.

Waffarian 6:36 pm  

hahahahahaha...even the name self go tell u the kain joint e be...

music bar...hahahahahah

Toks- Boy 10:10 pm  

Now that everybody know the rules I can't wait to go there.

Kody 7:54 pm  

Second thoughts, one of the rules is a bit unfair. The one that says, a girl can be banned if 'A regular customer requests that you be banned.'

Surely the regular must be obliged to give a valid reason, and be supported in the request by at least one other regular.

Am just saying.

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