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A bit of light entertainment for your mid-week reading pleasure

Unilag Student Convicted Over Love Scam

…To refund victim $47,000

A final year student of the Department of Survey and Geo-Informatics Engineering, University of Lagos, Mr. Lawal Adekunle Nurudeen has been sentenced to 19 years imprisonment for obtaining $27,900.91 from an Australian woman, Pee Loo Rosalind Summer.

The convict was arraigned before Justice M.O Obadina of Ikeja High Court on 19-count charges bordering on obtaining money by false pretence and forgery. He was found guilty on all the counts and consequently sentenced to 12 months imprisonment on each count. The convict was also ordered to pay the sums of $5,900, N526, 117.15 and any interest standing to his credit in his savings account with Sterling Bank Plc Ikorodu Branch, to the victim.

In addition, the convict is to pay $250 monthly to the victim until the total sum fraudulently obtained by him is liquidated. His two plots of land lying and situate at Mowo Kekere Ikorodu bought from the proceeds of the crime, is to be sold and the money realized remitted to the victim. The Honda prelude car recovered by EFCC from the convict is also to be sold and its proceeds remitted to the victim.

Sometime in 2007, the convict who was an undergraduate of UNILAG met the victim on the internet and introduced himself as Engineer Benson Lawson, a Briton working with a multi-national company in Nigeria. Along the line the victim, a 56- year old woman from Australia told the convict that she wanted a husband and all the men she had met always disappointed her. The convict, who is married with three children instantly applied and told the victim that she had met her Mr. Right.

To convince his prey, he told the woman that he was a 57 -year old widower and that few years back, his wife and their only child died in a ghastly motor accident in Lagos. He sent the picture of a white man to the victim to foreclose any suspicions. The victim accepted his proposal and that gave room for the next stage of the 419 heist.

Few weeks later, he called the woman to introduce himself as Dr. Saheed Bakare and informed her that her ‘fiancé,’ Benson Lawson had an accident and needed money for his treatment. The love-struck woman sent some money. Two weeks after the convict called the victim and thanked her profusely for her kindness. He now told her that he would like to visit her in Australia so that they could consummate their relationship. He demanded for money for air ticket, police and customs clearances and all sorts.

At the end of the day he duped the woman to the tuned of $47,000 before his arrest and arraignment by EFCC.


Mogaji 1:20 pm  

Haha I already saw this on CNN. I'm amazed that people still get scammed after all the publicity.

In my head and around me 1:40 pm  

Can I just point out that former IG of police Tafa Balogun stole so much more and just got a tap on the wrist?

Please note that I am not condoning Lawal's behaviour and applaud the sentence.

Anonymous,  1:45 pm  

Not even a chuckle..this is sad. just bleghhhh! glad efcc was involved. btw writing quite bad, you m ust give credit where it is due. (sounds a bit worse than "This Day"." Punch"?..

Anonymous,  2:02 pm  

how is it a crime? how different is this from some guy meeting a woman and lying about who he is to get money. she's stupid, this is not a crime

Anonymous,  2:55 pm  

How is this light reading?
- The positive is that the EFCC have finally sprung to life whilst Waziri is at the helm.
- The negative is that the already murky and unenviable name of Nigeria and Nigerians is further tarnished in this neck of the woods.
- Cheating people of what is rightfully their's can not be viewed as smart or even positive.
- It will only reinforce the negative stereotypes that precede Nigeria to be clung onto ever more ferociously (by those few Australians who have heard of the place).
- What is funny about this?
- I take it that the $47,000 was US and not Australian.

Anonymous,  2:55 pm  

This is not a crime. It is not. The sentencing is way too harsh. There are lots of big 19 boys roaming around this country and yet they get off lightly.

It is not even amusing it is sad and exposes the weakness of the law in this country.

Lola,  4:08 pm  

Very sad. I can't believe women still fall for this shit. Why do people date online anyway? Don't you know it will NEVER work, the people who date online are either weird, psycho, have serious social problems or just gold diggers. Wake up online daters and quit that crap! You can meet human beings anywhere and everywhere, there's no need to enter the murky, overpriced, rip off world that is eharmony crap.

Lost at The End 5:40 pm  

but seriously, how did the woman fall for that shit? I still don't get it.

I'm trying to be sensitive to the woman's plight and gather up enough moral indignation to make me pissed at the guy, but I just can't.

Somewhere between 1 and 47,000 dollars, you did not figure out that you were been duped!

ShonaVixen 5:49 pm  

For the love of a husband she forked out how much????

Mike,  6:19 pm  

Anonymous 2:02 - not a crime? Hmm, I suppose politicians helping themselves to the nations money is not a crime and the people are stupid....

Anonymous,  10:50 pm  

If only Naija judges could apply the same sense of outrage in their sentencing of folks like Alams, Ibori, Balogun & Co....just goes to show how warped Naija's justice system is.

Anonymous,  8:19 am  

i redally don't understand all the people above who commented that this is not a crime.How can anyone say stealing money from someone is not a crime(perhaps it's 419 boys making these comments). This is the problem with Nigeria.It's a crime of course and I pray EFCC continues the good work and put ALL these yahoo boys in prison for life. We'll definitely be a better country. I know they are not the only criminals because that is their irritating excuse.I believe all crime - even government corruption should be prosecuted

WIMBIZ Secretariat 11:09 am  

Hi Jeremy,

quite a while. How are you? Just dropped by to say hello. Kind regards,

Anonymous,  11:33 am  

Of course some block heads think the chap is smart, then wonder why everyone treats all Nigerians including the good honest & decent people with suspicion & disdain. Well, what do you expect? I'd want nothing to do with a Naija person, its not worth the hassle, better to stay clear of Naija's life is too short, and I do not want to spend it wondering if every Nigerian I meet is a the meantime, lots of money is being spent on re-branding Nigeria's image. Yep! Re-branding!
The lunatics are running the asylum....stay well clear.

Sandrine 1:07 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

I can't decide which part is more funny, the heartbroken woman who was scammed or the woman with three children whose husband is going to jail. Light entertainment?One question:is Jiminy Cricket out of town?
Take care.


Anonymous,  1:45 pm  

like i said (i'm the first anon) this is not a crime. a politician has taken an oath to serve the people and when he steals from them he violated that oath and his duty. moreover, the stealing of the money in government involves other illegal activity like money laundering, accounting malpractice, etc. however, simply tricking someone to fork over money is not a crime. its not even unlawful in a civil matter, talk less of criminal.

nigeria is a weak nation as far as laws go. the other day some filipinos were caught stealing oil and i think they paid $6000 and were sent home. here this fella tricks a lady into giving him money (understand he did not take it, she gave it to me) and he is sentenced to jail. nonsense

Anonymous,  5:15 pm  

@ anonymous, well you used the word 'tricked' - he duped her and lied. i for one believe the sentencing was way too harsh. but then again he might be a scape goat and being used as a form of detterent for the others engaging in the same crime. it is good that he is going to jail and not just refunding the money. but to say it is not a crime is deeply flawed. she gave him the money under false pretext an innocent victim who did not deserve any of that regardless of whether you think her dumb or not.

Anonymous,  11:35 pm  

it is still not a crime, legally. i'd like to see what statute it's based on. this is no crime. trickery aint a crime

Anonymous,  1:29 pm  

Only a Naijaperson would claim that "trickery aint a crime" and actually believe it. We are DOOMED.

Mike,  7:03 pm  

Anonymous - without dwelling too much on this - fraud is a crime - end of....

Anonymous,  7:26 pm  

I am convinced that the anon claiming this criminal "trickery" is not a crime engages in these practises and is trying to make him/herself feel better. Weel if you are going around "tricking" people as you call it you better desist or I pray you get caught. How would you like to be the "tricked".Do you realize people have committed suicide after being duped by Nigerian scammers. Do you realize the impact on lives and families??? Such wickedness!!! Trickery indeed. It's so disturbing to me. this reasoning is so flawed. How did consciences get so seared?

Anonymous,  9:49 pm  

no dummy, i;m a lawyer and a nigerian, not that my nationality has to do with anything. you can trick people into various acts but that does not mean it is a crime. it may be something you can bring a civil action to seek redress, but it is not criminal. telling a woman you are brad pitt and making her give you the panties, or even even tell her you are a white man in need of money, and have her send you the money. she can sue you to return the money, but it is not a crime. if such ac act is a crime in nigeria, it needs to be changed, but like i said i want to see the code this judgment was based on

the stupid white chick needs to show in nigeria and sue this guy, but that's it.

those telling me it is a crime, give me something to support your position other than pulling it from your behind or from what you think the law is

Anonymous,  5:52 am  

I'm with the minority, it's not a crime, morally reprehensible? Absolutely... however I'm not sure he broke the law. what about men/women who dupe the opposite sex in "relationships," do we start prosecuting them too?

Personally I think the punishment is excessive.

Anonymous,  11:43 am  

The only criminal here is the woman who got duped. She is criminally insane for being so gullible!

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