Monday, March 30, 2009


Research is really not that difficult is it? How come Judge Hatchett's people end up pronouncing Hausa "Oosey"? And why do they show an image of a Fulani woman when talking about Yoruba women? Is it just a case of the rest of the world being too far away from America's shores to bother with properly, or the peculiarity of the American accent that everything non-American must get mangled? And how do they work these things out with any degree of accuracy anyway? Might it not be a bit of a scam, cashing in on African-American's desire for African belonging and authenticity?


Anonymous,  2:50 pm  

Judge Hatchett isn't all of america. many americans do a fine job pronouncing hausa very well.

Sandrine,  3:37 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
The fact that they mentioned the country is actually pretty good for American TV!
By the way, Judge Hatchett?I can't believe you are watching her!You should check out HBO,Jill Scott was really good last night ;)
Take care

Anonymous,  6:02 pm  

American Research for TV: Pick out the parts that would sell the story...or tell it to the tune of the best sound that the audience would like

Sincerely if they can't get Iraq (I-raq) and Iran (I-ran) even though they know the correct pronunciation...then its the fact that in their superior minds it sounds better, so its correct.

Yea Judge Hatchett isn't all of America but hey, I've been around them a decade to know that its the status quo

African American roots? now that's another story entirely

Anonymous,  2:16 am  

God forbid that you should have anything even **remotely** positive to say about this woman putting together some pieces to her ancestral puzzle. In case you've been under a stone for the past 400 years, identity for African-Americans is a huge challenge and point of serious discomfort for many. Pretty insensitive on your part.

Yeah lets just bash USA..AWESOME!! They're all idiots and I'm so fucking smart! I find everything wrong with them! They're so stupid!

Anonymous,  6:01 am  

this is tooo funny. the whole thing is ridiculous..with generalizations about 2 tribes and perpetration of stereotypes. Judge H strikes me as idiotic too.. this couldve been an episode of Tyra or Maury Povich or someother American tv talk show. Isnt Judge Hatchett it a show where cases are heard and judged? or was the rest of the show questioning maternity of young man who stepped up and delivered papers? stupid.

lola,  4:03 pm  

The 'Whoosay' tribe, looves it!!
Who gives a damn how it's pronounced? What is pronunciation anyway - nothing but hierarchical claptrap and snobbery. I say pronounce however you damn well please and to hell with the haters!
Girlfriend just found her roots and it'll no doubt change her outlook on life - fantastic and she's my fave tv judge by the way:)

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