Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cassava Republic Press one of the top 10 brands to watch in 09, according to Monocle magazine

From the January 2009 edition.


Sandrine 2:32 pm  

Congrats to Bibi and you!
Take care.

The Bookaholic 4:50 pm  

Congrats, your books are really nice-content and cover. More good things will come!

Anonymous,  5:40 pm  

I say Amen on their behalf because I know what a constant struggle it is for them.

Bibi, you kept that one quiet! You really need to blow your own trumpet. You are doing us proud. It is nice to know that after all these years, you are still trying to change the configuration and still using that word. Nice. Goldsmith is proud of you.


Waffarian 3:56 pm  

Una do well. Na because I dey pray serious holy ghost prayer scripture for una...everynight self...

In fact, last night I get vision say na so una just blow up anyhow, say na so people just dey come with gold, siver and that frank something...

all sorts of people oh, on camel, donkey, horse, private jet self...

meself, I come dey there dey smile...if u see as I fine...chei, meself, I bow for myself...

What was I writing before self? oh...CONGRATS!(na insomnia and too much coffee)

t-c 5:52 pm  




cheap watches 9:18 am  

Congrats and thank you for your books!

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