Monday, March 02, 2009


I am still recovering from a hernia operation (under general anaesthetic in London) a week ago. This is my 3rd hernia operation, and was caused by lugging round 50 litre kegs of water when our 419-borehole packed in (we still don't have water). People often want to go into details about the operation. Even talking about the slowly-healing gashes in delicate parts is difficult, let alone mention of 'layers of flesh'. Ugh - pass me the codeine. However, one funny-but-true story has emerged which I feel I must share with you all:

Our friend tells the story of a Nigerian who desperately needed a hernia operation. However, he didn't have the money for surgery. His friends kindly clubbed together and found enough money for him, only for him to spend the money on a new (3rd) wife. Meanwhile, his hernia problems became acute and he died.

There's a moral to this story I'm sure...


Sandrine 3:09 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
No water, no electricity and recovering from a surgery.This is definitely not a good time for you. I hope you will get better soon and that everything else gets back to normal.
Take care.

Waffarian 3:40 pm  


I also don't understand why people like talking about details of operations if you are not a doctor or nurse...

Get well soon.

Anonymous,  3:46 pm  

and people think that all Oyinbos in Nigeria live in luxury!! But it is good to know that there are Oyinbos here who live the reality of most Nigerians. I wouldn't wish your sitaution right now on my worst enemy. Actually, I will wish no light, no water, hernia operation and many more on my neigbhours.

Take it easy O!!

Anengiyefa 4:54 pm  

Ah Jeremy, pele o. So thats where you were when your blog was silent for a few days. Never mind, hernia is not one of the more serious conditions. You'll soon get over it. I'm facing radiotherapy and the side effects, so I know. Hope you get well soon anyway.

Occupied Funk... 5:14 pm  

I guess this means I'll have another. I had my first in 2004 and have been hoping it will be my last. I rode on the magnum force at flamingo land with my kids and thats how I got it. Instead of enjoying the ride, trust me proper naija man. I closed my eyes thinking it was the end of life. Thinking my stomach got left behind when it lifted off. You should have seen the kids in the automatic photo that was snapped at the upper edge... Tom held his hands up with eyes wide. I kept thinkin...what if a screw goes loose. What if my seat unlocks etc. Why did I get on this thing...I am just very crazy - possibly mad. Just dont laugh or it will hurt your poor tummy...


Ms. Catwalq 5:25 pm  

Pele o
wey your address, make i send you ya peh-peh soup.
Fish dey inside
isi ewu dey inside
And if you want, i fit add special order o.
no talk say i no kia.

Anonymous,  11:56 pm  

I'm sorry to hear of your spell of ill-health.

Please delegate the fetching of water to a houseboy or someone else.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a nice break in England.

Akin 12:16 am  

Hello Jeremy,

Here is wishing you a speedy recovery.

I suppose there is no proper lifting technique for lugging around 50 litre kegs.

Basically, methinks you should get a wheelbarrow for that kind of heavy work - the spoilt comforts of my existence constrain me in terms of that kind of labour, I am ashamed to say.


Best regards,


Anonymous,  6:31 pm  

I wish you well men. This explains why you have not been very active lately. Was beginning to wonder.
Am in London visiting with my wife and kids and I have introduced your blog to my wife and we are both avid followers now. You are my Naija Andrew Sullivan.
Hope we meet someday as I now live in Abuja as well.

Omohemi Benson 12:48 pm  

hey man,
pele gan, Hope you feel better now,
I suggest you get some aboki to help with the Jerry can carrying and pay them. the system as it is wears anyone out, so to add Jerry can carrying to it, will only make it worse.

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