Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lagos - the world's worst place to work

Its official, the worst place in the world to work is Lagos - at least according to BusinessWeek. Here.


Onyeka 1:46 pm  

I'm happy to see, from the comments in that article, that I'm not the only one that thought this article was biased and silly. Apparently, the US, Western Europe, and Canada were left out of the survey. So how is it the 'world'?! *eye roll*

Anonymous,  1:52 pm  

i wonder if other places outside of the west make lists like this or its one of those things westerners do to make themselves feel good

Recky 2:19 pm  

Utterly senseless. Jeremy I wonder what your motive is in posting this article.

Anonymous,  2:45 pm  

Well let's be honest here...although we do have some grass under bridge now I don't think that leaving out W Europe, canada and USA would make any difference to the result.....

Surely on a local level Port Harcourt is a worst place to least we're not worried about kidnappings in Lagos....yet.

Actually I take it all back...I did work in Slough for a couple of that was bad!

snazzy 4:39 pm  

i was going to blog about this a while ago, but I got sidetracked. The comment seems to conflate Lagos with the Niger Delta, and maybe the north with sectarian violence. Now no one is going to sit there and say that lagos is the dogs bollocks but, the expat life in lagos is not hardship by any means. Postings to other parts of nigeria may be different, but lagos is not seen as a hardship post by most expats i have been in contact with. Must be all the all expenses paid, ikoyi, v/i, lekki 1, living they do.

The y river 5:07 pm  

I saw a video the other day on cnn had an expatriate - not sure if he is the MD of one the multinationals based in Lagos - and this guy was defending Lagos and that it's not the world's worst place to work. Perhaps he was very wrong

Lobebe 5:10 pm  

I thought of it too when i saw the post, how possibly can his be.

Sandrine 5:48 pm  

The article is not biased but the title is misleading.It is not about Lagos being the worst place to work,it's about Lagos being the highest paid hardship or compensation for somebody coming from another country to work.These are two different things.The amount of money somebody is asking to be paid depending on risks and living conditions can fluctuate and is not written in stone.Some cities that were on the list are not on it anymore.
To be honest,wouldn't you think that somebody coming to work in Lagos should have a higher hardship than somebody going to work in Rome?

Fred 6:34 pm  

And this surprises ... that's right, no one.

Anonymous,  6:35 pm  

they should have added .... and to live" in the title

Lost at The End 7:11 pm  

LOL! My favorite part is how lagos is reduced to 4 bullet points.

I no know why una dey vex sef. What do you think is the point of the article? These guys are getting desperate. They are getting recessioned-out and are scouting for new professional frontiers. Dem no fit find work for their country, so dem dey find where dem go come do professional colonization. Leave matta!

Yes, Lagos is bad. Sit down in your house.

Anonymous,  8:45 pm  

Notice how in the background, it only the lagos skyline, but buildings from other cities in Nigeria are reflected. the most prominent being national mosque of Abuja. is it me or are they implying that Nigeria is the worst place in the world to work, not only Lagos alone.

Anonymous,  11:51 pm  

abeg, 'Physical Remoteness'? remote from where??? you have 17 million next-door neighbours.

(And no Lassa fever, Abujans...)

Anonymous,  2:37 am  

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Recky 8:53 am  

Haba, Jeremy, why did you edit my comment? Did it offend your assessment of Naija?


hmn lets see:
Apartment in Vi or ikoyi
A driver - complete with armed security
A maid or 2
getting paid in dollars or whatever currency they spend where u come from
living expenses to cover all ur shit here
entertainment allowance - u know to pay for all those sanusis fafunwa girls
and d list goes on........

and its the worlds worst place to work. what a crock load of shit!

Anonymous,  2:09 pm  

How is Lagos 'physically remote'?

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