Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the use of acronyms, rule number 1

1. Do not turn your acronym into a swear word. Its not cool and will confuse your message.

Photo by OO (GRA Ikeja).


LG 2:58 pm  

lollll na wa o :-)

JustDB 3:27 pm  

Def hillarious...But maybe a swear word might be esier to remember than just any other acronym? Just thinking....

Na ma o,  3:44 pm  

How about a competition Ogabloga? A bottle of Star to he/she who comes up with the best Naija-related swearyword acronym??

imnakoya 4:03 pm  

This is disastrous!

Didn't they do their homework? Haba!

Lost at The End 4:56 pm  

The acronym does not even rhyme with the list of words. How does "T" stand for "theft/copyright crime."

What Nigerians would do to create acronyms at all cost.

Naija and their love for acronyms.


- Committee for Support of the Dignity of Women (COSUDOW)

- International Reproductive Rights Research Action Group (IRRRAG)

- African Women Empowerment Guild (AWEG)

Ms. Catwalq 5:28 pm  

lol...i can actually picture the day they came up with that name and how happy they must have been...
i hope they are at least functional

Tininu 6:00 pm  

lol, nija just has very deep fundamental issuesand lol at ms.catwalq ( she has a very serious point)

Anonymous,  6:25 pm  

But you do know twat isn't really in common usage in Nigeria...those who know, know but it probably doesn't mean anything to the majority!!

Anonymous,  6:33 pm  

Tiger Wheel And Tyre (South African auto shop chain) needs to sue, I think...

Anonymous,  10:20 pm  

I used to drive past this sign everyday and it always had me in stitches.
I'm pretty sure it came down over two years ago though.

It's almost better than ASSFOOD school, but not quite.

d,  1:58 am  

lol, bet those who came up with thought they'd done a good job.
as for the competition how about the Committee (of) United Nigerian Transporters...i leave you to decipher the acronym.

le Sapiosexual 12:17 am  

lol, Ignorance is definitely bliss

Shubby Doo 1:12 pm  

i remember once a friend of mine was pulled up by the headmistress for using the term twat (thinking it meant the same at twit) at the age of 12/13 i learnt twat was rude word

[email protected] agree because like has been said by Lost at the End it doesn't even work *SMH*

Lost at The End 4:39 am  

Check this one out:

(EDSOGPADEC)State Oil and Gas Producing Areas Development Commission

It's supposed to be an acronym. Right?

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