Sunday, March 29, 2009

NEXT on Sunday, today

Interesting lead story, here. Mario Garcia discusses today's paper at the top of his blog, here.


Anonymous,  9:44 am  

OMG!! This is a huge scoop, especially in light of Obansanjo's statement on Hardtalk. This is serious O!

If the government don't do something and proscute their citizens the way they are doing in American, then they are saying they are happy with corruption.

Well done NEXT. We must all support this newspaper. we don't get it in PH

BGS 3:32 pm  

This article will rock the boat. I hope and trust that Mr. Dele Olojede will be watching his back. There is no way this will not be linked to Yaradua. These guys are thieves and I know one or two of his aides. But even Buhari is corrupt. I remember him chairing the petroleum trust fund. We need a ruthless and credible leader who as his first duty will bring to justice these guys and each and every member of their family. The whole thing is pervasive, you can see even the senate is full of criminals. If I had my way, all the living members of government and their families - from the current and going back to independence should be wiped out. Cancer. The younger generation should take over with an advanced supervisory and anticorrupt system in place. Obasanjo is a gorrila and thats not meant to be funny. Doesnt he look like one? I will not be surprised if there is a coup shortly...with the can of worms that has been opened. They keep saying they dont know. Well, who no know go soon know.

Big Green Serpent 3:34 pm  

Guess that trouble will befall Yaradua.

Anonymous,  4:23 pm  

Interesting. Kenyans are currently reading of the tribulations of Obasano's wife:

Waffarian 9:24 pm  

Ehen,dey say wey wind blow, fowl nyash go open. Oya, what is the president still waiting for? Obasanjo MUST face the music. See how they sell their country for peanuts compared to what is at stake...because of money....Lord! Help human beings, how the hell can people be this foolish in life? I swear, I don't get it..

Greedy mutherfuckers.

Lost at The End 11:05 pm  

NEXT is delivering, and I am loving it. Olojede and team. Una do well o!

Anonymous,  10:17 am  

Hey congrats on putting this out. Looks good though I doubt I would buy the paper version so additonal kudos for putting it up online and with a blog too.

Anonymous,  10:18 am  

yes also reblogged the halliburton bribes and mentioned it in the light of OBj's Hardtalk interview - what a sham!

Anonymous,  3:04 pm  

This story is significant in that it shows what everyone knew so well. The whole state machinery is rotten to the core.

If not for the Americans, no doubt this would be overlooked by the so-called anti-corruption bodies.

Going by the feeble attempts at punishing other public figures like Alamiesiegha and Ibori. Nothing will happen.

Beyond that, this shows that there is no such thing as the national interest, state secrets, or integrity. These are characteristics that are secure in the halls of power in other countries and are cherished, not in Nigeria.

This episode shows that anyone with a case of two of foreign currency can have an audience with the president and flash the contents of their case(s). The president is then bought for whatever price is agreed upon and the country is yet again sold down the river. The establishment are sell-outs, pure and simple. No foreign power needs to bother with training spies to find out what Nigeria is up to, just flash enough dollars in the eyes of officials and whatever you want is yours... simply shameful.

The press has done it's job, it is now up to the civil society to do theirs, but considering they would have done the same thing given the circumstances, maybe they are not being hypocritical.

The fact that this scandal has tarnished full-bore military regime (Sanni Abacha), a transitional regime (Abdulsalami Abubakar) and civilian regime (Olusegun Obasanjo) means that the mode of government is not the problem with Nigeria, it's the people.

When it comes to officialdom there it is now a case of "guilty until proven innocent"! This is seriously bad news.

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