Monday, March 02, 2009

Nigeria is homosexual-free

There are no gays in Nigeria, according to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ojo Madueke. Here.


Onyeka 12:56 pm  

What a blithering idiot. Isn't this the same guy that said the kids in Anambra state that were being tortured by pastors were faking it? Why is he still in office? Does the Nigerian government just LOVE embarrassment?

Anonymous,  1:02 pm  

he is a GOAT.but i am not surprised as we have been cursed by those who lead us with their ignorance and stupidity. the overly 'hypocritical' religious would want to believe this lie 'cos somehow they thinnk that it only happens in whiteman's land. This madueke guy surely is a closeted homosexual who will surely be ousted in due time. I await the Goat head's day of reckoning.


What a crock load of shit.

Occupied Funk... 2:11 pm  

hugely embarassing complete nonsense. Same for the post below

J,  3:09 pm  

@Anon 1.02

That he denies the existence of homosexulas in Nigeria makes him a closeted homo? I guess it must make sense in some sort of way.

Nigeria is stranded and frustrated in a certain kind of way. The country soon has to define what it is, what type of country it is. The government is sort of cluless about everything. For now we must to depend on our artists, writers, academics, activists etc etc to heighten this voice of all the things we are. Government will have no choice sooner or later ( am wearing my opptimisto shoes today)

Fuck Madueke

Aronke,  4:45 pm  

oh me oh my! I had lunch with my (very gay) bff and his girlfriend (that's what i call HIM)over the weekend.... If only madueke knew....

Anengiyefa 4:45 pm  

A man of Mr Madueke's status should know better than to make an ass of himself in front of a worlwide audience.

Anonymous,  5:29 pm  

i'd like to see the live quote. intonation can make a big difference in what he meant as opposed to wha he said

Ms. Catwalq 5:37 pm  

And we have no corruption, HIV AIDS, domestic abuse, child trafficking, women trafficking...(not to put homosexuality in the same category as the others, but you get what i mean...)

naijareport 5:48 pm  

Madueke is just madueke, that is why we nominate him as comedian of the month.

He is better than Ali Baba.

Anonymous,  11:35 pm  

Doesn't he know the number of openly gay house of reps members???

nneoma 3:42 am  

apparently there are none. the more i hear about this man, the more upset I get. this man is supposed to represent Nigeria but he has been doing an awful job at it so far. Was incredibly disappointed when I first encountered him at a talk he gave two years ago encouraging the US to come and recolonize Nigeria. then the last i hear is from this UN meeting in which he both denies the existence gays (save for a lesbian who is now pregnant) and also the existence of abuse against so-called child witches in Akwa Ibom.....erghhhh.

boot,  7:59 pm  

disgusting poop chasers....they disgust me

Anonymous,  12:09 am  

Oh, I find it refreshing to see intelligent and so many decent Nigerians that choose to live their lives and spend little time fostering more hate.

As only one God knows that a great deal of hate has led to our great nation's slow development. But I am impressed to see that our so-called Minister for Foreign Affairs does not represent the view of many a people.

God bless Nigeria

Anonymous,  11:27 pm  

This shouldn't come as a suprise, at least from a man who called for all Nigerians to embrace bicycles as a mode of transport. Phew!! Politicians, what wudnt they say...

Anonymous,  12:26 am  

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Leighton 1:23 pm  

What a fucking joke, well they managed to send most of us GAYS to exile anyways so he might think there are none left but he must be having a bloody laugh. This are the kind of people that make me feel sick to say my roots are from Nigeria sometimes

bathmate 12:43 am  

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ayotade olufunmilola,  7:04 pm  

i am not surprise to read such comment from a traior and mean man like ojo maduek. Nigerians generally are fond of make believe but thank God nigerianas have come of age to be deceived by liers if ojo madueka wants a long list of nigerian gay politician business tycoons even clergie let him make a demand and am ready to furnish him with that

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