Monday, March 02, 2009

Race and America

Interesting essay on the end of a white majority population and a post-racial future in the US, here.


Sandrine 8:47 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
Interesting article (a bit long)but oversimplistic in my opinion regarding white America.
Being the mother of mixed children,I can only rejoice about America becoming more diverse.I don't care for the word "beige" though, it sounds lame. In France we say "cafe au lait" and when my children used to ask me, I would tell them "vanilla and chocolate".
Take care.

Anonymous,  11:32 pm  

I think people make too much of race in general.

It is true, that it affects how one is viewed and how one views others. But I don't think it should be a key decider, though it's hard as society is constantly bombarding one with "cultural this" and "cultural that" (which are usually synonyms for homogeneous ethnic gatherings). Where one is subtly influenced to toe the line.

This is what I've discovered since taking up residence abroad.

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