Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unilag Gurls (the original Jenifas) - Parental Advisory


Ms. Catwalq 9:06 pm  

somebody is vexxxxxxxxxeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd...

LoloBloggs 10:26 pm  

O.M.G. Painful to watch, these girls have my sympathy. Supports my fear that Naija films as far fetched as they are, are grounded in reality!


Anonymous,  1:14 am  

just watched it randomly right and I noticed I actually met one of the girls in there before... on principle I walked away when she said she was a unilag girl and started trying to yarn with some random phoneh...

Lost at The End 2:53 am  

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry o. But I do. Better than any nollywood flick, man.

These girls have clearly given a lot of thought to the art of runs-ing. And it's been nice hearing their two cents on the matter.

I beg jare. If you can flex (safely I hope) and get money for it. Why not?

Olu,  6:50 am  

Kai,I survived...Moremi, MTH , Newest hall !!

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen 9:08 am  

I saw this a while back and it gave me a real bad view of universitys in Lagos ..well of uni lag in particular ...i thought it was very funny on the other hand...

Anonymous,  1:21 pm  

Yeepa!!! Behold the new reality bereft of shame.

Chxta 3:57 pm  

Symptomatic of a pandemic.

Anonymous,  6:28 pm  

prostitution live

Anonymous,  6:40 pm  

Now I see why I was viewed as the 'odd' one when 'gisting' with friends that I ended a relationship. When asked 'what did I get from the relationship?' and I responded 'nothing'. They were silent. My female friends are getting smaller.

Anonymous,  7:30 pm  

I pray for these women...

J.T's Tale 8:49 pm  

...I would have said silly ridiculous nonsense but these girls are just being funny.

Anonymous,  1:12 am  

a bunch of disgruntled over/under sexed girls who obviously believe that their 'pussies'carry a heavy price tag. well who am i to judge. Men should learn to stop paying...
she mentioned jazz!!! now that's scary. but i feel sad for them as all these has been caught on tape. i bet their respective parents will be pleased. sign of our times. sigh!!!

J.T's Tale 9:34 am  

the girls (output of naijas edu system) aren't to blame. Its the leaders and the nonsense system they put in place. These are tomorrows leaders ...
The painful thing is that, the political leaders (senators, governors, ministers, commissioners) and their ades haven't only fucked these kids up, they also gang bang them without any protection whatsoever...I understand that about 80% of west Africa's population will be aids ridden by 2015. SOMEONE NEEDS TO RESCUE THESE CHILDREN...

Anonymous,  2:10 pm  

JT, c'mon now. do you actually believe the last nonsense you wrote about aids. geez

Waffarian 9:29 am  

Hahahahah, why all of una dey lament na? It was funny, I think they were just clowning around....

they switched it off when the main "koro" came on na...

I don't think she said anything particularly "new"...girls have been saying the same thing in Nigeria for years na..."if you wanna fuck, get ready to pay"...

matter end.

and by the way, if all those useless men are horny and greedy enough for "pussy", then na im good for them na.

Nothing new jare, NEXT!

Shubby Doo 2:23 pm  

what a sad reality...*SMDH*...i'm at a complete loss for words

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