Monday, March 30, 2009


A critique of the RCCG brand, here.


Anonymous,  12:43 am  

On an unrelated note... I cannot read Nigerian newspapers. The writing is pretentious and the overuse of big obscure words make them a chore to read.

Waffarian 1:15 am  

Na this kain thing na im make Jesus Kolo for temple that time...if im dey here now, chei...I pity wetin im for do for this longthroat pastor...private jet? in the house of the Lord?Jesus head for scatter...

Anonymous,  9:31 am  

hisssssss this is a very rubbish ill informed article, i actually sick of hearing this story ppl can just be funny mehn, once a religious person is blessed enuf 2 do sumthin lavish ppl always want to cry, but when all these celebs and goernors and stuff do it nobody bats an eyelid, wen pastors do things big ppl like this article start to invoke moral obligation on them to save the world and readictae all d unemployment and katakata in the world. my question is is that not a job 4 d government????? hisssss

and 4 goodness sake this guy shld get his info right, the reedeemed church has done waaaaaay 2 much for ppl in terms of emplyment, food, shelter, free education for millions, and stuff that the govt cld not do, so y do we want to cry now lol

if this person writing this ill informed piece shld by a private jet nobody would cry o, nobody would say o he should use it to eradicate poverty abi hisssssss

there were so many rubbish points mae dnt think i can address all of them, but so the fact that a person is a pastor means they shld not associate with the rulers of a country? wat kind of rubbish talk is that

see eh my bible tells me that we would be blessed beyond measure and best beleive this applies to pastors too, infact with al d work that they doo why shld they not be blessed triple fold, as a servant of God u shld live bi menh, but ofcourse be humbel, im not down for all that rubbish talk of pastor being and looking so poor and miserable that is just bull

for a church that has undoubtedly done more good to this world than bad, i think this is just a flimsy excus to cry

listen d man shld go and develop his fait and pay his dues as adeboye has done and see whether God will not bless him like mad


solomon in the bible was he not the richest man in the world??? was he not also a serant of God? I bet if solomon was living in ths day and age this writer would have cried so hard lol hisss

Anonymous,  11:28 am  

There are so many arguments that could be made against Redeemed, but sadly, Dr. Obadare proffers too many flawed arguments. That whole fallacious link of the purchase of the jet with oil is just laughable. You could link any purchase of anything in Nigeria to oil.

And, religiosity and financial success and mutually exclusive. Try again next time, and not Dr. Obadare.

Anonymous,  1:46 pm  

...and the money for the PRIVATE JET is from tithes by members of the RCCG! Love it, love it, loving it... Not a bad way to make money, and the givers are more than happy to give. Excellent subject for an MBA case study in how to extract money with a smile, the giver is happy to be "blessed" the taker is keen to "bless". This is why I love Nigeria, religion is a business, and Nigerians are no different from others. God bless you all....did I hear you all say AMEN!!! The lunatics are in charge of the asylum!

opium,  1:51 pm  

I think those speaking in defence of the purchase of the jet are making the writer's point. Admittedly, the writer's conclusion is weak but he makes a very valid point.

In a global recession and in a country where so many are poor, whether God blesses or not, it shows poor judgment and an actual loss of sight of christian ideals to purchase a personal jet. In the current climate, the church is to be model of austerity and not one of corporate excess. The Redeemed Church by taking this action have unwittedly sacrificed at the altar of mammon.

Lost at The End 11:01 pm  

Sighs.....Anonymous 9:31 a.m. does not even have a clue. Just reading his/her comment makes me cringe the way I do when I hear to Rush Limbaugh blather.

Waffarian 3:48 pm  

@lost at the end: hehehehehehehe,I tire oh...I read the thing but I just think say no need to even bother...where person go start from?

FineBoy Agbero 11:02 pm  

Loooong hissss!
I don tire for all dis religious palava. Religion is a money making venture. Period.

One of the points the writer raised was about the religious elite (with a few exceptions) not being able to challenge the political elite. Because they all gain from the same proceeds.

RCCG is usually plagued with Governors and political public holders who go there to seek prayers. Prayers for what? Protection against stolen funds?

Abeg, Waffarian was right jare. Where person go start from or end? Make I no give myself headache!

Plus a friend of mine just started a church. Bloody boy, barely 25, with no calling at all! Listened to a couple of tapes and he feels he's the next Jesus? I don tire...

ed 2:51 pm  

When I first read this neews, I was disgusted by the attitude of a pastor spending money on aircraft but I am really happy today when I read on that the aircraft was actually bought by five church members for charter service purposes thru solicited loan from Oceanic bank

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