Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chioma and Oluchi hit primetime

Here. The two sisters are utterly enchanting and have exactly the kind of adventurous imaginative spirit that is in such short supply (see my earlier post). Journey mercies, girls!


Anengiyefa 4:18 pm  

This is like really fascinating stuff. I wonder where I was when the idea of this tour was being conceived. Its such a great idea, something I would have loved to do myself...Maybe someday

Mogaji 5:21 pm  

"The good thing about Guinea-Bissau was that you could see that the people were happy, they were forging ahead, despite the hardship and suffering around them they were still moving along"

Aargh! Everytime I hear or see I quote like this I just want to puke. I hate the inspirational spin people like to put on hard situations. We do it to people who we perceive to have difficulties and then pacify ourselves by announcing that they are so happy or they are so inspirational because they are suffering and smiling.

Moving along is not progress it's living. Everyone moves along so there's nothing to celebrate here.

Ijeoma,  9:52 am  

It's sad that of all the things you could see about these two wonderful young women and what they are doing, you only saw the negative.
Girls, you are both making terribly proud. Keep the flame shining.

Lola,  5:47 pm  

Wonderful! It's about time we had more 'roving reporters' at a grass roots level telling it like it really is and showing the positive. If we don't do it, who will? Instead it will be left to the likes of Bono, Red Cross, comic relief, lenny henry et al to show the world what terrible, poor orphans with flies in our noses we still are. I say Africans should encourage the youth - yes even Obama style - to change their environments for the better and this is one small step towards that.

Anonymous,  8:04 pm  

Its inspirational to see that fellow Africans are taking the initiative to potray the African continent in a positive light and I think this is very important because it brings about a change in mind-set of Africans who refuse to go home because of what they see and hear from foreign media groups.

However, it is also important to acknowledge Mogaji's point because she has a point but asserted it wrongly. We need to be realistic about what's going on in our various home lands, there is grave poverty in pockets of society, we need positive change from our leaders and greater societal coesion. But to put it as Mogaji has, is very negative and the kind of attitude the sisters were trying to conquer by undertaking this tour.

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