Saturday, May 09, 2009

At the Mountain of Fire Ministries this morning

The pastor cried, "May my enemies..."

The congregation responded (while wildly shaking their heads): "Catch fire, catch fire, catch fire...."


Mogaji 2:09 pm  

LOL HAHAHAHA I love those enemy prayers! My folks look at me weird when they are jumping around binding an casting and i'm just standing there watching the madness. They think I'm mad and I think they are mad.

Akin 5:39 pm  


I would suppose that is Psalm 217 verse 8.

Now we have to contend with spontaneous combustion, who is going to sweep away the ashes? Some prayers.

And what if that enemy is calling on the same God with the same vehemence as borne of mutual dislike - would it all be timed for simultaneous fireworks, both enemies consumed in their hatred of each other?

In my view, it is a bad prayer but like the stadium-like Mexican wave effect of calling out and answering back - sorry, it was in a church, you said.



Anonymous,  10:08 pm  

LOL!!!!! @MOgaji.

Jeremy, mind yaself o!!! This your silence after 'stating the facts' is more damning than any yabis you could have said!

I attend MFM in holy deference to my mum who's a pastor dia!!:-)

Anonymous,  11:02 pm  

Have they moved on from "fall down and die"? LMAO. I remember when a family member and her loser then boyfriend, now husband got her a prayer book that was all about offing enemies.

Come to think of it, there is an Urhobo song I learnt from a member of GGM in Warri, that I have to admit I love to sing sometimes.

Erare tora yo,FIRE!
Erare Oghene tora yo, FIRE!
Tore Igbire, Tore Igbulegbu, Tore Orieda...

Fire burn dem, FIRE!
Fire of God burn dem, FIRE!
Burn prostitutes, Burn Evil people/ghosts?(I'm not sure what Igbulegbu means, but it's funny to say)Burn witches/wizards...

"They think I'm mad and I think they are mad".


ijebuman 1:17 am  

ROFL i may have to add this one to the top ten Nigerian "Pentecostal" sayings

Untitled 11:46 am  

I can guess who this prayer is directed at "Senator Nicholas Ugbane catch fire, catch fire, catch fire..."

Anonymous,  5:25 pm  

Sounds true! Ugbane sounds like gbano. Gbano means catch fire. But who is Senator Ugbane?

7:55 pm  

May my enemies... oh, damn. I don't even have enemies self...

Okay, when I get enemies, may their barbecue catch fire, catch fire, and catch fire like burnt offering.

Anonymous,  10:47 pm  

I just don't understand.
@2:09 - they think I'm mad too BUT I know it is them that have been brainwashed.
Relocated back from the UK and was told that I have to be very spiritual in Nigeria because of enemies, friends are not really your friends (jealousy issues etc). Being spiritual will save me from any juju / ill health/bad fortune that my enemies may have in store for me.
I look around and think 'What the f**k is wrong is these people?' but say 'thank you very much for the advice'.

Anonymous,  12:24 pm  

They are all mad, the pastors and the enemies. Enemy ko enemy ni! Who doesn't need enemies?
We all need enemies or dont we? I would like to make love to a female enemy of mine. I think that would be great.

Anonymous,  1:48 pm  

Na poverty and ignorance dey worry all of them.
I thought Christ preached - Love your enemies and bless those who persecute you... Also the good Lord said 'vengeance is mine'. MFM!!! please leave God to do His work o! i bet some of the congregation members are the real 'enemies'. Your reward awaits you in Heaven (abi na hell) - all you who want to BURN the Lord's creation.

Anonymous,  5:38 pm  

Wetin dey worry you with Mountain dem people?



me neighbor recently started to attend MFM... now all i hear is HOLY GHOST FIRE!!!!!! MY ENEMY WILL DIE BEFORE DAYBREAK. DIE! DIE! DIIIIIEEEEEEE, sounds liek a bloody nollywood production.. and at 2am o!

Ms. Catwalq 7:14 pm  

u go to "mountain of fire"?
Uncle Jereh, why?

Waffarian 9:01 pm  

Meanwhile, for the first time in my entire life, I attended a non catholic church. Some international church, bla bla bla. Anyway, so I went there like three weeks ago and I actually managed to sit through, I thought "now this is not that bad". Then yesterday, I had to take some of my neighbours there as well. I ended up staying since the pastor saw me, etc etc, and also cos the pianist is this hot guy that just happens to like me. Anyway, na so, dem come begin the craise. First, dem do "worship" abi na song service...haba, the thing no end...just wey i think say the thing don end, dem go begin sing again. After that, dem come begin dey talk of "miracle service", say, every first sunday of the month dem go do miracle service and before that, everybody must to fast and pray. Then, dem never talk that one finis, one woman come out...dem begin do all that healing stuff...she fall for ground three times...some people begin jump up and down like crasie, others dey cry, some dey sing...noise everywhere...

anyway, through it all, I just dey smile...

Everybody just dey smile back at me, dey think say I dey smile because I dey enjoy the thing...

For my mind i just dey think..."this na the last time una go see my leg for dis kain place so make i just amuse myself for the whole thing"

I no know as i go take tell hot pianist oh...but I no sure say the sex dey worth all this sufferhead...

but chei, the sex for hot sha oh...chai!abi make i go one last service?

Anonymous,  9:01 am bunch

Anonymous,  4:52 pm  

Its you people that know. Everybodies ministry is different. I guess its easier to sound westernised and judge processes you don't understand. Reality is when push comes to shove and people are facing a situation that needs prayers all this oyinbo follow follow will reveal itself for the theory that it is. At the end of the day there's different ways to pray if its not one you need or know, do your own....

ababoypart2 5:50 am  

Was once a guest @ their Tottenham Hale Branch (they got ejected).

I like the way they manufacture enemies for their followers....on this day, the pastor asked them to go to their gardens, dig up soil and bring it to the 'church' to be blessed.

Apparently, the soil in their house contained evil spirits that needed to be 'destroyed by fire'. To sit and watch what I thought were 'educated' folks in London believe this nonsense was equally fascinating.

ijebuman 7:23 am  

"all this oyinbo follow follow will reveal itself for the theory that it is."
@[email protected]

that's a bit rich considering this current "pentecostal" madness is "oyinbo follow follow" too or is this part of our culture?

Sister D 11:03 am  

Jesus says pray for your enemies.... well somebody says "E no give you prayer point o" LOL

na you know the enemy wei e pursue enter church. know that you could be the enemy of yourself.

Praying against enemies always means you're making the devil feel very important why not concentrate on worshiping Jesus. He says...when a man's ways pleases Him, He will make even his enemies to be at peace with him. HOLINESS IS A DEFENCE.

Maria,  2:04 pm  

The lady with the hat has that 'SU' look, the place seems empty (more techno stuff than followers) - credit crunch?

Nice building though...

MFM - What hasn't been said? By fire, by fire....anyone who wishes me bad, may he die by fire...some prayer!

carol,  4:52 am  

mfm is a great church .i have been there a couple times, i enjoyed the whole service . if you are not born again you will not appreciate what GOD is doing in the ministry.

lulupearle 11:24 am  

do not judge when u ve not been in thier shoes,if ur foundation is good thank ur heavens u dont need to participate!

Anonymous,  6:29 pm  

thats true,if u arent born again, u wont appreciate what God is doing in their midst,d bible says frm d days of John d bapist,d kingdom of God suffers violence nd only d violent takes it by force.May God open ur eyes.

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