Friday, May 08, 2009

After the rain...

The petals from the flame trees on our beautiful street fluttered to the ground this afternoon: nature's confetti.

I took this picture as it is: no photoshop, no cropping. Just the leaves of the flame tree outside our gate, after the rain.


SHE 5:44 pm  

Looking at the petals, one can almost feel the freshness of the atmosphere. After the rain.

Anonymous,  6:18 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Beautiful picture.I saw the first one in full bloom yesterday.June is when Miami turns red.There is a street on Brickell ligned up with them and they even have a festival with the crowning of a queen.
Take care


nzesylva 6:33 pm  

very nice pix. candid shot!!

Ms. Catwalq 8:58 pm  

funny thing, a friend of mine in thailand sent me an email this morning telling me how beautiful the street leading to his house is, now that it is lined on both sides with flame trees and that a storm blew in and the petals are raining down. I replied asking him to send me a picture, came on your blog and there's one....
Today's spiritual message according to my calendar is on "waking dreams". Signs during the day that are for your spiritual growth. Thus I know, that flame trees coming up twice is no coincidence...
I am pondering....

pink-satin 9:03 pm  

looks nice!!!i love the after effect of rain and not the rain itself

Anonymous,  9:21 pm  

trying to make some of us envious of Nigeria? Beautiful isnt it...but truth is we are on the very same planet or arent we?

Gee 5:57 am  

awww.w....dats sooo pretty!

Waffarian 8:10 am  

I love it.

Its funny though, how many people will walk by and not even notice it. Recently, I was walking in a park with a friend of mine when I stopped to admire the colours of a certain row of trees. (I mean, nobody could miss it. A whole row, and all the petals had turned was so beautiful...)

Anyway, this guy did not even blink an eye and just kept walking and then when I managed to grab his attention, he asked me if I would do the same if I were in Africa(the guy is African by the way). The question made no fucking sense, what has admiring beauty got to do with being in Europe or Africa?

Anyway, I told him the most beautiful colour in the whole world is the lush green of the trees you see from the plane just before you land in Osubi airport in Warri. Its the most beautiful green ever...

Point: Most people just don't get it.

littleangel4christ 8:40 pm  

the pix is on point!!!

Baba,  9:08 pm  

Spring is everywhere.

Adeleke Adesanya 10:34 pm  

Too many things we take for granted... beauty in fallen leaves...

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