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419 Kingpins and their cash..

While on the subject of Yahoo-Yahoo, the question remains: how much do the Big Boys with the Hummers and their f.ugly Nollywood pads in VGC really make? Follow the debate on this Reuters blog.


EliminatingGreed,  8:33 am  

So I'm Nigerian, and I keep wondering. Why don't all you people in the West just click DELETE?? Is it really that hard? Just click delete. Or click Report Spam. I have email accounts just like everyone else. I get junk mail just like everyone else. That's why it's called JUNK mail. Sometimes it finds its way into my inbox, but I sincerely believe that any functioning adult with two brain cells to rub together can figure out which emails are from their friends and family and which emails are from a spambot or scammer.
I have NEVER felt the need to reply an email whose origin I did not know. I cannot understand why apparently thousands of Americans and Europeans keep falling victim to these things. My only conclusion is that they must be incredibly stupid and greedy.
Only ridiculous greed would drive you to negotiate a business transaction over the internet for half a billion dollars that you know you never worked for. Greedy people deserve what they get. You know what you should write about? Write about the people that fall victim to these scams so that we can finally see who these incredibly stupid and greedy fellows that live among us are.

Anonymous,  12:35 pm  

I live in Nigeria. I'd like to see more written about the vast number of Nigerians who lose money to "get rich quick" scams (ok so they're not via email, but the principles are the same.)

Why oh brother eliminating greed is it necessary for every house to have "this house is not for sale," painted on the side?

Far far, from your assumption that greedy and stupid people live only in the west, I theorise that a "greed diclosure pill" of the type dentists use to highlight plaque, would wash up a vast number of greedy stupid people here too.

BarawoNi-Needs-Koboko,  4:57 pm  

I think it should be made an offence to aid and abet a 419er. I mean both the Mr/Mrs 419 and the victim should be prosecuted. And thats in addition to the victim losing whatever it is. Yes!

The idiots in the west who go on about Nigerians being fraudsters are just plain jealous of us. They have done worse to us and its only the losers that continue to complain.

Greed was something alien to Africans for many years until the arrival of the greedy ones. Who wanted to take over the world! How greedy can one get?

In the beginning, only our kings/queens were greedy to the extent of having many wives but that was handed down from generation to generation. We need pills to return the greed to sender - the west where it belongs. Even the systems - capitalism - is a greedy one. But see where it has led them.

I agree the cancer has now spread and our people have also become so greedy. One man, 15 mansions. 20 cars. 6 SUV's. 10 wives and 16 girlfriends. I guess, that goes beyond greed. Its almost like being a goat. Sheer stupidity. One man, and all those things stealing billions. As though it will be taken along after death. I guess his head will sleep in the ikoyi mansion whilst his abuna will sleep in the asokoro mansion. His toes will sleep in his south african mansion. And so on. Fucking humpty dumptys. Why steal billions? A single man, why? Same question to those who fall for 419, who go for quick money? Because someone promises to pay you an interest for letting them use your account, what kind of intesrest is that? So you want to make quick mone? Barawo banza ni. If I cash you. If I cash you, you dey hear me so Mr. greedy, I go seriously bulala your abuna.

Anonymous,  8:24 pm  

I think that the bigger crime is the person who falls victim than the 419er. It's not just plain stupidity and greed, it's criminal to want to buy my CBN or Aso rock, yes that's how crazy those mails are and of course, the crazy westerners who don't think they did enough damage to Africa want a chance to do more. Sorry guys, this time you are the mugu's.
And what exactly do you mean by ugly Nollywood fads in VGC? Hahaha poor you, you hate to see them right, you'd rather be seeing us living in huts and perhaps swinging from tree to tree. Too bad, white boy, Nollywwod is here to stay and will continue to show the beautiful homes that hard working Nigerians have built for themselves. The west is angry that picture of Africa being made of only poverty and hunger has been challenged.

Jeremy 9:43 pm  

Last anonymous: your use of the race card is a joke. VGC full of "the beautiful homes that hard working Nigerians have built for themselves." Au contraire: its full of the world's worst architecture that 419 crooks have built for themselves. I know - I used to live there, and can point out the 419'er houses to you...

Nigerian deserves better architecture, and certainly better than shitty crappy Nollywood.

Anonymous,  11:17 pm  

To Anonymous at 8.24: Since you brought up the subject, please be informed that some of us cringe when we see some of those houses in Nollywood movies. They're not challenging any picture of hunger and poverty. Rather they're mostly big, lumpy, and unimaginative trying to pass for affluence. Interior d├ęcor? Null. And don’t even let me start on the abysmal state of the roads leading up to the front gate (!!!), the half-assed landscaping, peeling paint, or the fact that a megard has scurry up to open the gate – can’t afford to make it electronic?
Don’t just exult in piling a lot of bricks on top of each other, there's a whole package that goes into making a house look good which includes good maintenance!

Anonymous,  12:23 pm  

lol @ the last anon, you must be one of those frustrated nigerians in the diaspora who live in cramped one bedrooms where they can barely move about. we should make the gates electronic, yeah right and what happens when there is no power supply? Stop being so jealous of these people. You made your choice and they made theirs.

As for you Jeremy, go get a life please, so Nollywood is crappy, and England doesn't even have a movie industry, they are busy waiting for hand me downs from Hollywood. Nollywood is a huge achievement by NIGERIANS and anyone who doesnt like it should go dig a hole and bury his/herself.

Iredotp 2:09 pm  

Who cares to know how much these people make? Well, they seem to make enough to live the decent enough lifestyle which hardworking citizens are entitled to!
2nd to the last anon,I agree with you though,those houses need maintenance. Since Jeremy lived in such a neighbourhood at a time, are we to assume that he was a 419er at that time and now wants to know how much 'business' improved since he moved out.

Anonymous,  5:04 pm  


Why does the same old crap still come out... yeah, there was no greed before the whiteman came.. right.

Can't you listen to yourself? Greed, is ugly -but its human..

Funny that one of the anons accuses jeremy of thinking africans would be better off living in huts and swinging on trees... thats EXACTLY what BarawoNi seems to be suggesting africa needs, go back to the "golden age". as if Africa could still exist in some idyllic state if those pesky whites hadn't come.

What rubbish.

I think that the interesting question is not necessarily how much 419rs have, but what they do with it. Building hotels seems to be a common thing... but how useful is another hotel to the economy, apart from as a money laundering venture?

barawoNI,  7:05 am  

thing i agree with the white boy too. he'd a poor white boy

Anonymous,  5:56 pm  

To EliminatingGreed, like you said, the only reason why they dont click delete is "GREED" - Nothing else

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