Friday, May 08, 2009

More Ukpabio blather

A bit of Liberty Gospel "PR" in This Day yesterday. This is the woman who keeps people chained up in her church while others are getting married..

The struggle against pastors with distorted/contorted views of Christianity who believe that children can become witches continues.


Anonymous,  4:13 pm  

this Helen woman has totally lost d plot she should b silenced once and for all lol, look at her having the nerve to want to sue ppl 4 exposing evil deeds

anyways if she wasnt very ignorant and uneducated she would know that her stupid film is not even the big deal about the whole witch drama

so she should go and sit down and hide her face or better still keep casting out 'demons' lol and if she wants to go broke by all means she should sue lololol

Aronke,  11:03 pm  

that article was just so badly written..

Anonymous,  9:01 am  

what's all the more shocking is the fact that she blatantly refuses to acknowledge the atrocities revealed by the documentary.shocking!!!

Abuja 11:38 am  

This Day should have handled this better. Ukpabio's evil self justifications and accusations against SSN as 419 scammers speaks for itself, but a decent newspaper should have set some journalistic context without the ridiculous "hullabaloo" headline. Gary Foxcroft's intelligent paper is the complete oppossite of hullabaloo.

Witchcraft Accusations: A Protection Concern for UNHCR
and the Wider Humanitarian Community?

Presented by Gary Foxcroft, Programme Director, Stepping Stones Nigeria to UNHCR on 6th April 2009 (scroll down the page on link to latest publications)

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