Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interview with Seun Kuti from Jeremy Weate on Vimeo.


Anonymous,  3:23 pm  

Great interview Jeremy, with wonderful insights into family life in 'Abami Eda's' compound. As kids we always wondered what kind of (decent) life children could possibly be afforded in the chaos of Kalakuta. Good to know it wasn't Soddom & Gomorrah the whole time. Seun's expose was succinct, intelligent and amusing. Plus, he clearly LOVES his father.
Btw Jeremy, try to be less 'present' in your interviews. Edit your voice out if you can. Also when Seun said 300 ppl slept in the compound, that was just Nija hyperbole, and we got it, it wasn't neccesary to reconfirm the number.
Good job anyhow, looking forward to more of the same.

Koko di koko,  4:40 pm  

I think that was mostly Alex's voice, not Jeremy's.

Fantastic interview!

Jeremy 4:48 pm  

Yep - it was definitely mostly Alex doing the asking. No way would I not know he said Sorrow, Tears and Blood!

Anonymous,  5:43 pm  

very impressive communication skills by Seun. I love him. He comes across as being very friendly and exudes a lot of this. He is felas most charismatic child. Femi doesnt communicate as good as Seun. Also Femi hasnt got this level of charisma.
Thanks for sharing this Jeremiah.

Pastor Babalawo Ogbolongbo

Lost at The End 3:42 pm  

He is an atheist! Like!

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