Saturday, May 02, 2009

Another online/print magazine with an Africa focus

JTON. Its got that all-over-the-place American look and feel. America is not the place to love magazines I guess.


chayoma 2:26 pm  

So i lurve the feel of the mag.
Hopefully it does well.
A different outlook to the Dark Continent...
Thumbs up,

Saymama 5:14 pm  

I see what you mean about the site having that all over the place feel to it :-S

Anonymous,  12:41 am  

what does the look and feel of the magazine have to do with the US? you euros can't get over your envy of the yanks can you. geez

Anonymous,  9:03 am  

As someone located in the US, I alwas find American websites more cluttered than the Europeans ones. And I prefer the American sites, because I feel I am getting more value. Europe sites tend to be on the sparse side and this is website is far from that. It is a fact that American sites are generally more cluttered.

Anonymous,  4:38 pm  

Generally, I find your blog to be very objective - but WHAT is this problem you have with Americans? They turned you down for a grant or something? lol
I personally like the 'all over the place' format; it's better than being clean, pedantic and dry so I prefer to call it Vibrant. G'luck to JTON.

Jeremy 4:41 pm  

Anonymous: I have no problem with "Americans" - you considerably extend the generalisation! However, in specific areas of design: advertising, books, magazines, newspapers, American output is mostly amateur compared to the UK and Europe...

Loomnie 8:46 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

I am sorry, but I could not help noticing that UK is not part of Europe. :)


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