Monday, May 04, 2009

SIJI - "Yearning For Home" Music Video from SIJI on Vimeo.


Anonymous,  10:39 am  

Bature, this buddy is funny. Home? Where is home? The planet is home! Is he on a different planet or am I missing something here? In todays world, where is home? May be he should have been born as a tree, with roots stuck to its home. You are free to roam the earth which is home...shikena, where is home?

Anonymous,  10:52 am  

But the music is good. Just had to make that point so others dont go believing that there is somewhere called home. Home is wherever you find yourself at any time T. Ok, Yaradua should return home, away from Nigeria to the North of Africa.
Great music, but please Mr Adesiji dont teach us nonsense with your music.

Jeremy 11:06 am  

Mr (or Mrs, or Ms, or Dr, or Chief) anonymous. Its a little simplistic to say the planet is home.

The place where we grow up (the natal space) tends to have quite powerful structuring effects on our personalities, our dreams and our imagination.

There is little the conscious mind can do but listen to the sounds of one's childhood.

If one grows up in Nigeria, and then finds oneself in the West, I'm not sure how many people will entirely forget their childhood, and its smells, colours, movements, sounds etc.

I have bature friends who grew up in Nigeria who have exactly the same longing to be in Nigeria, so I imagine the feeling of being existentially in some form of exile is near universal, no be so?

Anonymous,  11:41 am  

@Jeremy, forget the concept of home for a second. The song sucks. O pari. Too preachy too boring. Give me a good piece of apala or fuji anyday.

Waffarian 6:20 pm  

@anonymous: You see, if say you be "afropolitan", you for understand...heheheheheheh

meanwhile, we are yearning for you too. Please come home. Abeg, we take God beg you. I fit give you my return ticket self.

Anonymous,  6:53 pm  

If you give me your return ticket wafy love, how would you return home? See you my lovely lady, you sef are home already! In your words "come home" meaning you are home already. So I should leave my current home and return to jeremys new home....You don forget say Jeremy na international man. This week America, next week Uk, the other week, paris. Handsome Dr. Jeremy Weate sef knows that there is no real home.

Fela, kpilease come back o! Dis kpeople are tishing me nonshenshe.

Crnk Mnky 1:00 pm  

I was about to give this Anon dude a piece of my mind, but forget it. This song didn't grab me.

I enjoyed "Take Me Away" much more... enough so that I was about to insult a stranger over a song I'd never even heard.

Anonymous,  8:18 pm  

Una too much sef, ah ah!!! wetin dey de concept of "missing a place called home" wey una no understand?. Bobo talk and visualize say him dey miss him childhood home for Naija. Simple matter o pari. And home get different meaning for different people. Abeg, Kudo's for the video concept and music; Samba, Afro, Soul.... more of this instead of de yeye junk wey dem dey take flog person ears dese days.

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