Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ekiti: the aftermath

Nzesylva's latest post captures the general feeling in Nigeria today. What happened in Ekiti yesterday does not augur well for free and fair elections in two years time. The 16,000 votes for Ido-Osi which clinched the election for Segun Oni were collated in a police station, without the Resident Election Commissioner's permission (the reason why she resigned in the first place). After ten years, Nigeria has still not got a passmark in the Democracy 101 test, in sharp contrast to Ghana and South Africa. Millions of Nigerians are increasingly ashamed and frustrated in the process - they expect better than this these days.

One can only hope that Segun Oni puts this behind him and works hard to develop the state he now governs..


babajidesalu 2:55 pm  

It is such a shame ...that is all I can say....such a will notice that I am lost for words....

CodLiverOil 4:37 pm  

Jeremy, You are right, even at a state level, there is chaos, violence and confusion. So the fuss over the manner of Yar'Adua's victory was much a do about nothing.

Nigerians have proved that they are not capable of holding orderly and peaceful elections. To date nothing has been learned. The same old malpractices have reared their ugly heads again, to the shame of the nation.

The candidates racing for governorship should both be barred. Politicians and their supporters and the public in general need to understand you can't wreck the whole state (or country) just because you want to become governor. This shows they don't have the well-being of the state or it's inhabitants at heart.

The supporters responsible for the turmoil, should be arrested.

People have to realise, order, calm, reason, discipline and magnanimity are pre-requisites when holding elections. If tiny Ekiti state can't handle it, what hope for the other states (of the country)?

The shambolic way politics is conducted there has to be brought to an end. The ordinary members of the public have to be made to understand, that electoral candidates that don't play by the rules don't deserve any official appointment.

It's this very willingness by the general public to excuse such behaviour and look the other way, that has lead to the politicians in Rivers and Bayelsa states arming gangs to do their bidding.

Ghana can manage it (and billions of dollars from oil wealth was at stake, yet Kuffour went quietly). South Africa with all the controversy surrounding Jacob Zuma, could manage it. But when it comes to Nigeria, even at a state level, chaos breaks out. This doesn't say much for the political maturity of the people there.

Why is there such disregard for order, justice and fair play? Do these and other generally respected values count for nothing there. Are money and power the only things that count? What has happened to personal integrity and conduct?

I can't see Mr Oni behaving any differently from the vast majority of governors, ie being a total waste of space.

Waffarian 7:43 pm  


"People have to realise, order, calm, reason, discipline and magnanimity are pre-requisites when holding elections"

Not only for elections but for a fucking civilised society!Our society in general, is fucked up. Why do we still cross streets like crazy people? why do we drive without any regard for rules and regulations? why do we still have children hawking on the streets? why do we treat our housemaids and drivers like slaves?

As long as everybody dey behave like craise, na only craise system we go get. Case closed.

The Bookaholic 9:47 pm  

So much for rebranding's just a real big shame and DISGRACE.

oguru di greatest!!!,  12:38 am  

arrangee!!! J, wetin you think say go happen??? Baba don talk am since ... chop and clean mouth like say nothing happen!!! na Gidi we dey!!!
make you try read ibadan by Kongi ... shit still dey get smell, but e no mean say man no dey shit!!! na our problem be dat .. my oyinbo broda one dey ya eye sef go clear for dis our beloved contiri

In my head and around me 2:24 pm  

What are you all complaining for? All together now: Good People, Great Nation!

CodLiverOil 2:51 pm  

Waffarian, thank you.

I agree, people are only too ready to say that society's ills are the fault of the leaders. This begs the question where do these leaders come from? Is it not from the society itself? So ultimately society is responsible for allowing the crap to rise to the top.

Society has to take a long hard look and correct itself, or else the present dysfunctional level of being will only get worse until anarchy breaks loose.


I want Nigeria to have peace, but we can never have peace as long as the injustice continues. This Ekiti election definitely reflects the state of 'Nigerian Democracy'And, to count ballots in a Police station?

Are we, the people, going to continue to siddon look and watch our rights continue to be disregarded and squandered? Hmmm...

Thanks for sharing.

asweetcakes 2:03 pm  

ha! Surprise surprise! Did u actually expect a free and fair election? Its a long way coming...

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