Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nigerian Acrobatics on X2

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Sugabelly 7:18 pm  

He's amazing! He should be earning money for his talent. He should join the Cirque du Soleil

Baba,  7:47 pm  

Human Beings not just Nigerians are talented and ingenious.

The young man is keeping busy and hopefully making some kind of living doing this. Better this anyway than knocking on people's doors at odd times of the day.

Anonymous,  12:59 am  

amazing stuff!!!

Secret Diary 5:39 am  

Damn. This man has talent; playing with fire and doesn't get burnt. I get burnt boiling an egg. Naija missed its chance to grab Gold in Gymnastics at Beijing Olympic for acrobat display. Not to worry, there's always London 2012 – that is if Mr Acrobatics have not done irreparable damage to himself. If I may add, his body is too flexible. He'd wreck havoc on households up and down the country should he become a cat burglar. Had he burnt his manhood, you would have had to title the post, "Man's Balls Really On Fire".

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