Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Go Tolu! Go Tolu! Go Tolu!

Our very own Tolu Ogunlesi has been nominated for CNN's African Journalist Awards 2009 (click to enlarge as usual).

Prayer-warriors get to work. May all the heavy Ijebu Babalawos be consulted and well-remunerated. Let Eshu be libated, let Obatala smoke plenty tobacco while the sandalwood burns.

And let Tolu decide to stay in Nigeria even if he wins!


Anonymous,  12:33 pm  

Amen to that Jeremy.

Tolu reminds of Toni Kan (not writing style), but in terms of their determination and commitiment to writing.

Congrats Tolu. I am praying for you.

Akin 1:59 pm  


I see the prevalence of Kenyan and South African journalists, makes on wonder about the quality and appreciation of Nigerian journalism.

Despite rooting for countryfolk the probability leans towards either a Kenyan or South African winning since they seem to on average produce more prospective winners.

Anyway, I have not seen any of their material to make a qualified judgement to buttress that assumption.

@Anonymous 12:33PM - It would be perposterous to suggest others not praying as hard, I don't think prayers would win over real quality - If Tolu is the best then the best would win.



plastiQQ 4:17 pm  

Amen ooooooooooo !
May Tolu decide to stay in Nigeria even if he wins.

@Anonymous: If Tolu reminds you of Tony Kan, maybe Tony's influence/determination rubbed off on him 'cos they both work(ed) together at Visafone.

In my head and around me 6:16 pm  

Na wa for this prayer o!

Babalawo Ifajuwonlo 7:25 pm  

I reject it. He cannot win. He cant even come close. I have seen his work. Not up to standard really.
I hope my comment will make him work harder.

Prayer warrior, please pray against Tolu winning. Ashe.

Malam Alfa Babalawo Tafiq

ijebuman 9:02 pm  

"May all the heavy Ijebu Babalawos be consulted and well-remunerated"

Really, where is my share? : - )

Kody 3:40 am  

I am sorry to say that when I read this, my first reaction was genuine surprise that Tolu Ogunlesi is nominated. I have read many of his work, and have never been that engaged or impressed. The ones for NEXT (blog) and Farafina, I have always noted as being particularly dull.

Evidently, the article he submitted for consideration in the competition must have been good so congratulations to him, and to Deji Adeyemi.

Sylvia,  8:36 am  

I spent some time with Tolu Ogunlesi when he was a guest writer at the Nordic African Institute in Sweden last year.

I was surprised by how disciplined Tolu was with his writing. He spends an incredible amount of time writing. I doubt if he knows himself, the number of competitions he enters daily. He is very hard working and that, I respect. It is not everyday you meet someone who is willing to do the hard work required to attain their goals. Most people just want "contacts". I remember one of the ladies at the institute describing Tolu as "self propelling".In the short time he was here, Tolu knew all the magazines and newspapers that one could write in English in Scandanavia and ended up writing for a Finish newspaper! With no help from anyone, Tolu had already more information that any of us living here could ever have provided him with. I will never forget the sight of him browsing through newspapers and mags at the magazine stands...he also consumes a whole lot of information!I am still wondering how he managed to carry all those books, mags and newspapers that he insisted on taking back with him...

I think he is a good role model for young people. If you want something, you've got to go out there and get it.

I'll surely be rooting for him.

Anonymous,  12:29 pm  

Akin you seem preety disgruntled. chill man!!! i will pray for you is a synonymous as saying goodluck!!!

Anonymous,  6:27 pm  

um...there are TWO nigreians here. so what's the sentiments about? favouritism is disgusting. i read Chude Jideonwo's note, in his usual repulsive, sloppy utterances, had said, 'tolu has the shine.'
Tolu is chude's friend, a part of the cult the fool is building, so that gives him 'the shine'?
Thank God CNN is not a future award hogwash. in this case, the winners will be judged on ingenuity rather than friendship.

God help us all.

Anonymous,  12:28 pm  

Hmm. There's always bitterness where anonymous comments are concerned. Tolu Ogunlesi, Chude Jideonwo, Tunde Aladese, Ebun Olatoye - these are some of the most talented young writers Nigeria has produced. I am proud of them for their hardwork. Very proud of Tolu

Anonymous,  1:48 am  

@Anonymous 6:27pm

The world must be where it is [and not anywhere ahead] because of people like you. I am almost certain you cannot write to save your life...

Cheap bitterness, thats all you can ever offer. Would love to hear from your shallow, empty mind if Tolu should win!

Meanwhile, Tolu and Deji have my warmest wishes and prayers - all the same.


Congrats to Tolu!!!

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