Monday, May 04, 2009

Ben Stiller to save Nigeria from itself

Its so nice to know he cares and wants to spread the Goodness.


Kody 9:16 am  

Ben Stiller has not made a decent film since Swingers. Judging by this un-original crap, his record will stay intact.

Anonymous,  12:36 pm  

hey, well, its got to be better than the portrayal of lagos in Xmen origins: Wolverine...


Anonymous,  1:53 pm  

Not wanting to diss the numerous unfortunate circumstances in which we find ourselves in Africa – but has Hollywood run out of pity party objects? No more Black children to accessorize with, starving refugees, blood diamonds, etc? In that case Ben Stiller is exactly we need to bring‘goodness’ to Nija at this time. Let’s see how much goodness he has left over when he tries to get equipment thru customs or obtain official authorization for local filming and interviews.
And btw, why doesn't Nija deserve a ‘proper’ star, you know, of the Angelina, Oprah, even Aishwarya calibre? Abi?

Kody 10:15 pm  

Sorry, I meant '.......Something About Mary'. I had Swingers on my mind because someone recently pinched my dvd copy :-(

Anonymous,  4:11 pm  

I like Ben, his movies are very funny.
I wonder why the interest in Naija,
419 dey yankee..look at subprime lending

Anonymous,  12:38 am  

Oh no! A Nigerian 419 story for him to "warm up" his directorial skills because he has sometime to kill before "Chicago 7" goes into production. Plenty of time and energy for the kind of sensitive, nuanced handling this subject requires then ...

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