Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Eyo Festival - Lagos, 25:04:09 from Jeremy Weate on Vimeo.


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Jeremy I love your videos especially zanzibar. You probably will not take my suggestion seriously. I think in addition to your publishing outfit, you should found a film production company in Nigeria. Anyone who thinks I am talking crap should check out the video in question. All thats missing is top of the range digital equipment, Jeremy I think both you and Bibi should go for it!!!

Jeremy 11:23 am  
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Jeremy 11:26 am  

Thank you. The Zanzibar was filmed on a Flip Mino - US$200 camera the size of a cellphone.

The Eyo was filmed on my Sony HD camera, but without a tripod.

I wish I had had my camera on my later in the day and captured the sexy dancers at the head of one Eyo troupe..

I guess there will always be the feeling of regret that not all that was significant was captured - this must be a common feeling among documentary film makers.

But setting up a film production company - that would be a dream come true!

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Don’t get me wrong, I love naija movies. I also love western and other movies too...but the world is changing and we need something new...something more balanced...a broader view...which is why I am looking forward to seeing on the global stage - a very unique fusion of ideas - (English/Western) and (Yoruba/African perspective)...especially one made in Nigeria.
Ill be proud to have such on my shelf. My kids will understand it. Same goes for my partner too. They will love it. Something that flows like a book! And that captures the attention/imagination. Like Zanzibar did. And just as naturally.
I was so pissed off with the length of Zanzibar - too short I didn’t want it to end.
My God! If you could produce such quality with a US$200 kit, I can imagine what will be if and when you guys are prepared to go all the way.
And as long as the quality and ideas will be a very excellent one - of global standard - piracy I don't think will be an issue.
Let’s see whether the pirates can succeed in mass producing and distributing lesser quality outside Nigeria.
Just imagine your market...goes well beyond the Nigerians and Africans around the globe. I am also thinking of all those Europeans who love Africa dearly.
Something that will be understood if aired on a truly global national TV network - i.e. BBC. Something the world media will readily understand.

Or a naija TV series/soap. That comes on air, say every monday/wednesday/friday, for an hour on NTA at 9/10pm. The most simple of story lines but of global standard and set in naija but produced and directed by both Bibi and yourself.

I am sorry but most naija movies seem to be written, produced and directed by those having a mental age of say about 12 years old.
And the same goes with our theatre. Even in cases where the idea underpining such is an intelligent one, like some of wole Soyinka’s work - the presentation often conveys the opposite.
We need something simple...and at the same time as diverse and intellectually challenging as enlightening...
A series on NTA will be a great start.

Mia,  3:19 am  

Eyo festival 2009 was quite impressive than it used to be... the effort of the governor was worthwhile and hopefully this is just the beginning.

Iyaeto 1:34 am  

9ice video Jeremy!!Eko onibaje!!

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