Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Beyonce vs Ciara: for your viewing pleasure

Beyonce vs. Ciara

Beyonce, the president's daughter, meets Raj at the Super Market and falls in love with him. Unfortunately Raj is engaged to be married with Ciara (a stranger) who found him near death and took him to the nearest hospital. Beyonce uses whatever she has to win him over..

Thanks SM for the link..


Baba,  9:57 pm  

I would love to give my Naija actors props but this is atrocious acting!

Anonymous,  3:40 pm  

the three actors here are from ghana lol.

TheVoice 3:37 am  

This is so pathetic enough with praising america naija i dare say it you guys have much more talent then what is displayed here those beyonce beyonce and rihanna beyonce returns movie are so pathetic

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