Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sat-3 wahala

We are back to life with no internet - reminding me of my life pre-1994 when I first had bandwidth at home. I am typing this from a cybercafe which takes minutes to open one web page. As ever in Nigeria, it is one step forwards ten steps backwards.. Apparently the Sat-3 cable has been cut. Our ISP, suburban, has sent engineers to Ghana to see if we can connect over there, as they try to repair whatever cut there is. I'm not sure whether the cut is between Abuja and Lagos, or between the branch suburban uses from Ibadan to the Benin Republic. Nigeria often requires that you look under the bonnet to see what is currently not working. How many people in the UK have any idea about which undersea cable their ISP uses and what happens if there is a break in the cable?


snazzy 10:55 am  

this time it was the benin sat-3 link so our beloved NITEL is not to blame.

Though this begs another question. If suburban was supposed to be our back up, why are we all affected now that it is suburban that is down?

Clearly NITEL is no longer even pretending to be useful in the high speed cable stakes.

Main-1 can't come fast enough (unlike you I believe Glo-1 is a mirage sent to haunt us into insanity)

dapxin 11:45 am  


You reap huge benefits for constantly having to do low-level thinking/attack on every problem....my dad's mechanic, once summed it up as Nigeria's "roku-ment"

It forces you to know things, and take responsibility at a proportion, 'lazy' ones wouldnt imagine....rant: rant:

Its also the realities of making sense of a perpetual tragedy in motion.

Larom 4:31 pm  

No be the thing fault....
Nothing works down here, so it also decided to go on vacation

Oguro,  4:45 pm  

obviously the term Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)doesn't exist in the Nigerian Governments vocabulary ... small wonder, we can't even get power right!!!

theresac 7:16 pm  

If it's Benin, you'll be offline until next week at least. The repair boat's left SA, but it's still quite a distance.

Benin negoicated with Togo, Burkina, and the Ivory Coast to reroute our traffic. Nigeria can't reroute within its own borders?

Dee 11:15 pm  

That’s a really good question, I’m in the US and I barely remember the name of my ISP. I switch on the computer and the internet is there always…

But I totally agree, Nigeria should have been there and done that with this issue

Anonymous,  9:58 am  

Hello Jeremy,
I left a lengthy comment on your last piece on "East Africa goes Broadband". I don't know if you saw it. Transatlantic cable disruptions happen everywhere in the world. A few major ones have affected Asia in the last 2 years. They had to switch to Satellite backups.

From what I gathered, the SAT-3 issue had to do with the landing cable in Benin republic. It could be the part of the cable onshore leading to the landing station or the part just a little offshore. Some things just happen. it could have been somthing as funny as a large fishing trawler that was responsible for the damage. It could also be some contruction work on the beach. The bad side is that if it looks like an offshore thing, the repair would have to be done by the SAT-3 consortium guys. They would have to send a ship and all that. I don't know if they have one on standby or they would have to mobilize from Europe/ Asia. Let's hope the Somalia boys don't get at them.

We just have to be a little more patient. Glo-1 later this year and Main One in 2010. Patience, My Dear Jeremy

Toksboy 5:42 am  

I have already responded to your email but will do so again here. the SAT3 service from Nitel in Nigeria is fully operational. A lot of people do not want to belive that something in Nigeria is working whilst those of another country are not.

The SAT3 cable from Benin into Ngeria was cut. As mentioned in one of the earlier comments this happens in all parts of the world. The issue is that in most parts of the world they are not dependent on one cable system.Nigeria currently is.

Within the next 2 years this will not be the case with the deployment of Glo1 (yes it will happen), Main One and the WACS cable networks.

The info that was put in the press about Nitel being cut off was in my humble opinion maliciously planted by those for whom the fact that Nitel is working causes a problem and who felt it necessary to muddy the waters whilst scrambling to put their house in order.

In most civilised countries you would have had the Min for Comms on TV within minutes pointing out the fact that the parastatal for whom she is responsible is fit and well and quashing all rumours with facts. As usual she chose instead to grandstand by discussing the killing of the Muslim fundamentalist in the North which is of more interest to the international media.

Good people. Great Nation. Indeed.

dapxin 6:53 am  

your last point, kinda emphasises the cynicism you initially pointed out....

btw, why remind us about that mrs. reBrand nonsense?

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